At Eurovision 2015 Lisa Angell sang of perseverance and French resolve against terror. That message resonated after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and it does once again following the Paris Attacks that have left at least 140 people dead at the Bataclan concert hall and other venues. Eurovision stars inside and outside of France have taken to social media to respond. From Conchita Wurst to Anggun, here are their words.

France’s Eurovision stars react to the #ParisAttacks

Jessy Matador (France 2010)

Amaury Vassili (France 2011)


Anggun (France 2012)

Amandine Bourgeois (France 2013)

Amadine Bourgeouis terror attack Facebook

Twin Twin (France 2014)

Twin Twin Paris terror attacks Facebook

Europe’s Eurovision stars react to the #ParisAttacks

Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014)


Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden 2015)


Loreen (Sweden 2012)

Eldar Gasimov (Azerbaijan 2011)


Yax??l?q yoxdur m?s?l?si… #prayforparis A photo posted by Eldar (@eldar_official) on

Lena (Germany 2010)


A photo posted by Lena (@lenas_view) on

Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009


Minus One (Cyprus 2016)


Iveta Mukuchyan (Armenia 2016)


#prayforparis #prayfortheworld A photo posted by Iveta Mukuchyan (@ivetamukuchyanofficial) on

Il Volo (Italy 2015)


Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014)


Maria Elena Kyriakou (Greece 2015)


A photo posted by Maria-Elena Kyriakou (@mariaelenakyriakou) on

Margaret Berger (Norway 2013)


Paris from Montmartre 2 years ago ?????? A photo posted by Margaret Berger (@margaretbergerofficial) on

Elhaida Dani (Albania 2015)

Eric Saade (Sweden 2011)


  My thoughts are with the people of France.. ???????? #prayforparis   A photo posted by ERIC SAADE (@ericsaadeofficial) on

Loïc Nottet (Belgium 2015)


Lara Fabien (Luxembourg 1988)


The Common Linnets (The Netherlands 2014)


Freaky Fortune (Greece 2014)


#prayforparis A photo posted by Nikolas Raptakis (@nick_raptakis) on

#prayforparis A photo posted by Teo Buzz (@teo_buzz) on

Malena Erman (Sweden 2009)


Polina Gagarina (Russia 2015)


A photo posted by Polina Gagarina (@gagara1987) on

Robin Stjernberg (Sweden 2013)


#prayforparis ???? A photo posted by Robin Stjernberg (@stjernbergrobin) on

Ani Lorak (Ukraine 2008)

Ira Losco (Malta 2002)


#pray4france A photo posted by @iralosco on

Molly Smitten-Downes (United Kingdom 2014)

#peaceforparis #peaceforall ????????????

A photo posted by MOllY Smitten-Downes ???? (@mollysd) on

Mika Newton (Ukraine 2011)


Prayers #prayforparis A photo posted by M i k a N e w t o n (@mikanewtonworld) on

Jessica Andersson of Fame (Sweden 2003)

Kalomira (Greece 2008)


Let us pray for the victims…#prayforparis #peacemustcome A photo posted by Kalomira (@itskalomira) on

Amber (Malta 2015)

#prayers #thishastostop #peace #paris #shootingvictims

A photo posted by Amber! (@amberinstaofficial) on

Harel Skaat (Israel 2010)


Je suis triste. #prayforparis A photo posted by Harel Skaat (@harelskaat) on

Philipp Kirkorov (Russia 1995)

My heart and thoughts are with Paris and all whom are there right now . ???????? ???? #prayers #prayforparis

A photo posted by fkirkorov (@fkirkorov) on

Tijana Dapcevic (FYR Macedonia 2014)


???????????????????????? #prayforparis #prayforpeople ???????????????????????????????? A photo posted by Tijana Dap?evi? (@tijana.dapcevic) on

Tom Dice (Belgium 2010)


A photo posted by Tom Dice (@tomdiceofficial) on

Nina Zilli (Italy 2012)


Ann Sophie (Germany 2015)


A photo posted by Ann Sophie (@annsophiemusic) on

Guy Sebastian (Australia 2015)


#prayforparis A photo posted by guysebastian (@guysebastian) on

Hadise (Turkey 2009)


A photo posted by HADISE ACIKGOZ (@hadise) on

Charlotte Perrelli (Sweden 1999 and 2008)


My god!!! Vad är det som händer….?! #prayforparis A photo posted by Charlotte Perrelli (@laperrelli) on

Sakis Rouvas (Greece 2004 and 2009)

#PrayForParis #notafraid #porteouverte

A photo posted by Sakis Rouvas (@sakisrouvas) on

Soraya (Spain 2009)


En este viernes 13 de terror la violencia vuelve a Paris. Nuestros corazones con nuestros hermanos franceses A photo posted by Soraya Arnelas (@soraya82) on

Ryan Dolan (Ireland 2013)

#Paris ??????????????????????

A photo posted by Ryan Dolan (@ryandolanmusic) on

Aurela Gace (Albania 2011)


#Repost @ermal.peci with @repostapp ??? Pa fjale… #prayforparis A photo posted by Aurela Gace aG (@aurelagaceofficial) on

Tim Schou of A Friend in London (Denmark 2011)

So fucked! ???????? 🙁

A photo posted by Tim Schou (@timschouonline) on

Emma Marrone (Italy 2014)


Leggo solo ora del disastro a Parigi … E mi chiedo dove arriveremo ? Il terrore e la distruzione non conoscono frontiere .. Non si deve morire in nome di nessun dio .. Di nessuna ideologia .. Per nessuna bandiera .. Il pensiero libero e la libertà per me sono sinonimi di vita, ognuno dovrebbe avere la possibilità e il diritto di essere e di pensare e di vivere senza la paura di morire per la mano di qualcun altro . L’odio ha gettato le fondamenta nella vita di quasi tutti noi .. L’odio vince sulla vita .. L’odio ci ha messo tutti contro .. A partire dalle stronzate fino ad arrivare alle cose più importanti .. Facciamoci tutti delle domande.. Ragioniamo e cerchiamo di capire quanto ogni singola nostra azione scaturisce una reazione .. C’è troppa devastazione .. C’è poco equilibrio .. Il culto della morte non può vincere suo culto della vita .. Ognuno di noi ha il dovere di cambiare e migliorare la vita di tutti. #Parigi #nelcuore A photo posted by Emma Marrone (@real_brown) on

Severina (Croatia 2006)

Michele Perniola (San Marino 2015)


#stopwar #prayforparis A photo posted by Michele Perniola (@micheleperniolaofficial) on

Rosa Lopez (Spain 2002)

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7 years ago

Love is always stronger than hate. Though traumas such as this should unite people to fight against hate.
Sadly some people will start a witch-hunt on Muslims because they only see examples such as this while ignoring the majority of Muslims who believe in peace and does nothing criminal.
And no, shutting borders isn’t a solution because that is giving in to fear and that’s exactly what IS wants. And we should never let the terrorists wins.

And no. blaming it on the migrant crisis is stupid. These people are escaping because of IS. We have the same enemy.

7 years ago

What worries me mostly is the aftermath of all this: for how long will we still be defining a Muslim and an extremist Islamic as the same thing out of fear, anger and prejudice? A free and open-minded Europe … vs … a fore than million-year-old-religious group and culture that looks at the whole world as enemies that need to be killed. How to surpass or even win this? I don’t think we have the power to find that answer … and soon enough another attack will take place god knows where 🙁

7 years ago

A result of the “new and open Europe”. Yeah thanks a lot.. a smack in the face.

7 years ago

We should all play Lisa’s song today

7 years ago

So sad stay strong france!

7 years ago


7 years ago

Not a good day. Earthquacks in Japan and Mexico too.

7 years ago

Emma Marrone reacted on Facebook and Instagram.

7 years ago

Molly (UK 2014) reacted on Instagram 🙂