It’s time to officially start the second week of Melodifestivalen 2016. That’s because SVT — Sweden’s national broadcaster — has revealed the lyrics and performance details of all the seven competing songs from the second semi-final in Malmö. Who will have the most dancers and who has the most touching lyrics? Read on to find out!

David Lindgren We Are Your Tomorrow Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

David Lindgren with “We Are Your Tomorrow”

Memorable lyrics: “A million candles in the space, we are your tomorrow, we’ll find a better way ignite a higher flame”

David Lindgren comes armed with a peace song on his third Melodifestivalen attempt. But he promises it’s not one of those kinds of peace songs that make you fall asleep. David will set off a laser show with six dancers. Starting the show with a bang!

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Victor Och Natten 100 Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Victor och Natten with “100%”

Memorable lyrics: “Have heart on the right side but my brain is lost 100 percent

Melodifestivalen debutant Victor och Natten will be joined by five dancers and the stage will be filled with CO2 jets — aka smoke pillars Mélanie René style.

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Molly Pettersson Hammar Hunger Lyrics Per Kristiansen Melodifestivalen 2016

Molly Pettersson Hammar with “Hunger”

Memorable lyrics: “We are dust but I keep chasing, you can’t be the one I need, but I’ve got a hunger

Molly Pettersson Hammar is hungry for revenge after last year’s voting app crash during her semi-final. Once again Molly will be standing alone on the stage on a podium, but this time she will be surrounded by fire. It will get hot! Let’s just hope she isn’t wearing plastic…

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Isa I Will Wait Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Isa with “I Will Wait”

Memorable lyrics: “You make me feel like before you I wasn’t alive, I know we’ll fall all the time but I still wanna try

Last year Isa wanted to bring a Superbowl-sized show to Melodifestivalen, but this time she will be joined just by one dancer. And SVT promise something a bit different with some onstage shadow play. The tempo of the song is also a few notches down from “Don’t Stop”.

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Krista Siegfrids Faller Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Krista Siegfrids with “Faller”

Memorable lyrics: “Perhaps this is just as it should or crazy but what the hell do I know”

Krista Siegfrids will stay true to her motto “more is more”. The performance will include four dancers. Krista seems to have taken inspiration from Carola’s Eurovision 2006 performance, as the show will include flags and a wind machine!

Read the full “Faller” lyrics

Patrik Isaksson Tommy Nilsson Udo Svenningson Hall mitt hjärta Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson with “Håll mitt hjärta hårt”

Memorable lyrics: “I have always stood here by your side and I want to be with you, I love you”

These three Melodifestivalen veterans don’t need a big show around them. Their charisma — and some silver confetti — is all they need! The lyrics are very sweet and will touch everyone for sure, if you understand Swedish anyway.

Read the full “Håll mit hjärta hårt” lyrics

Wiktoria Save Me Lyrics Melodifestivalen 2016

Wiktoria with “Save Me”

Memorable lyrics: “Sorry mama, I ain’t been in touch, but I ran out of money, gambled all my luck”

Nineteen-year-old Wiktoria will end the show. Anton Ewald, a two-time Melodifestivalen participant and Wiktoria’s good friend, has choreographed her performance. However, there won’t be any dancers with her on the stage and the only prop listed is a projector. Is Wiktoria following in Måns Zelmerlöw’s footsteps?

Read the full “Save Me” lyrics

Which of the semi-final two acts are you most excited for? Vote in our poll here!

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Photo: Janne Danielsson/SVT

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6 years ago

Waiting for the songs I would say that ISA and Molly P. are going to the final, while David and Krista will go to the Andra. Maybe Wictoria will be able to make it to the Andra depending on her song and performance. Just guessing thought.

6 years ago

I agree with Jasmine, I am also a swedish Esc fan

6 years ago

I have nothing against Krista, she’s amazing, but the hype around her doesn’t exist outside of wiwibloggs/the international fanbase, the swedish people have close to no idea who she is, it’s mainly swedish eurovision fans like myself who remembers her from 2013, the majority of Sweden are going to need a reminder if she’s going to make it out of the second semi. But I’d predict Andra Chansen at best.

6 years ago

nvm got it!

I love to read the lyrics of Molly Pettersson Hammar, i guess its gonna be a great song! and with her vocals… amazing! Save me could be very intresting in the form of a soft ballad kinda thing. Isa is going on the same style, but hopefully with another great song like ”Don’t stop”. I think the winner is coming out from deltavling 2 or 4, but not counting Lisa Ajax out!

6 years ago

Where can i read the ”Save me” lyrics of Wiktoria????

6 years ago

Even without hearing the song I think we all know this is going to be a bloodbath. Krista, Molly, David, ISA – it’s going to be ridicoulus to see either one of these acts in Andra Chansen, or even not qualifying. My guess (a very blind one) is that MPH and David will advance directly (after MPH painful crashing out last year, the people of Sweden really are hyped for her, it was one of the loudest reactions in the hall after it was announced she will compete this year). ISA has a huge fanbase, although I don’t really know… Read more »