Excitement is building as we get closer to Poland’s national final, Krajowe Eliminacje. The Wiwi Jury is still hard at work reviewing all the entries and we’ve now reached the halfway point. Natalia Szroeder is up next with her Polish language song, “Lustra”. Find out how we rated the song below, and remember, you can still vote in our Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 poll too, so that you can have your say on Natalia and all of the competing entries.

Natalia Szroeder – “Lustra”

“Lustra” reviews

Marek: This girl makes a lot of Poles really happy and proud because she is the only singer at Krajowe Eliminacje who will sing in Polish. Well, I have no opinion on this, but I find it really enjoyable when I listen to a song and understand every word. But the lyric “mirrors hang all around your words” doesn’t make sense — even to me, a Polish native speaker. Of course, lyrics can be poetic, but that’s too much. At least her voice and the song’s catchy beat save everything. I’m sure she will do great. She doesn’t have to struggle with another language — she just needs to sing as beautifully as she can.

Score: 8/10

Jason: “Lustra” is a decent entry: it’s sweet with a memorable hook and should appeal to a broad range of tastes. There is something forgettable about it if I’m honest, but perhaps some clever staging would remedy this. A good effort, but not enough to get to Eurovision.

Score: 6.5/10

natalia szroederAntranig: The Polish language is one of my favourites when it comes to music. Natalia delivers an amazing song that stands out as being one of the better entries within this national final. I think she could do very well at Eurovision in the future and I’d love to see Poland singing in Polish more often — but I don’t think this will be her year.

Score: 8/10

Deban: The Polish Preslava is making an attempt to crack Europe with this tune, but just like her look-alike, 2016 won’t be her year. “Lustra” fails to make an impact, or strike a chord with foreign ears. Also, it goes on and on with every ad-lib Natalia belts towards the end. Without the video, this is music that’s easily ignored.

Score: 5/10

Luis: There’s something about “Lustra” that prevents me from liking it. It’s catchy and likeable, but also passes me really unnoticed. I can remember its hook as long as I’m listening to it, but then it just fades away. Also, it’s a bit dated in a way, but on the other hand, I enjoy having it as background music.

Score: 6/10

natalia szroeder 3David: We have a winner! The song moves without going overboard. She can sing and does a great job with it and the camera loves her. With the right staging, this could hit the top 10 in Stockholm. It has exactly the right balance of taking you to highs and lows without overplaying them.

Score: 9.5/10

Chris: I have a feeling that this could be a real dark horse, being the only song performed in Polish at the national final. “Lustra” is really catchy, although I’d wish there was more progression after the bridge. I think it might be a bit too lightweight for Eurovision, admittedly, but it’s still a very enjoyable three minutes. Natalia’s beautiful, too.

Score: 8/10

Robyn: This comes across as a really ordinary pop song. It’s pleasant to listen to, but it doesn’t have any attitude or emotion. It doesn’t make any demands of the listener, not does it give anything. Poland is being bold with some of the national final entries, but “Lusta” is taking no risks at all.

Score: 5/10

We have 15 jurors in our Poland Wiwi Jury, but only have room for 8 reviews. The remaining 7 scores are below!

Renske: 6.5/10

Sam: 7/10

Dayana: 6.5/10

Bernardo: 5.5/10

Ramadan: 7/10

William C: 9.5/10

Bogdan: 4.5/10

The highest and lowest scores are dropped prior to calculating the average score. This is to remove outliers and reduce potential bias. We have removed a low of 4.5 and a high of 9.5.




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7 years ago

It’s catchy and fun but lacks the wow factor plus it’s in polish. Songs in national languages are always underrated which is a shame.