Oscar Zia came back with a bang this year and his moody electro ballad “Human” went direkt til final (holler!). Heading into his second Melodifestivalen final, wiwiblogger William caught up with Oscar to ask him a few questions after his first rehearsal — and then wiwiblogg Tobias met up with him after the jury final.

Homeboy is hella humble and just glad that his fans are enjoying the performance so much. The minimalism on stage is a reflection of him as an artist, making it a very honest portrayal of his personality and musical style.

He chose his on stage outfit himself because he feels comfortable with it. The fact that Oscar’s entry is so personal this year is part of the reason he doesn’t feel under pressure on stage.


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5 years ago

Human is a good song. However, Oscar is just a decent singer. The song would have been much better with a greater vocalist….