On May 11, wiwibloggs hosted our very own Eurovision party — The Wiwi Jam — at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. Eurovision stars of yesterday and today arrived in style, walking our red carpet before taking to the iconic stage — which has hosted acts including The Jackson Five and Alice Cooper. The music flowed and the drinks slipped down easy. We could really feel the love!

Agnete might have won the Norway’s MGP 2016, but it was the Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan who took the continent by storm with their quirky and memorable track “Laika”.

Although these lovely ladies didn’t make it to the superfinal, they became a huge fan favourite. They brought their unique brand of eccentricity to the #WiwiJam and the streets of Stockholm will never be the same again.

Wiwiblogger Denise managed to wrangle the group for an interview as they marched down the red carpet, chanting lyrics from their signature anthem — setting the tone for their wacky and wonderful stage show.

It’s called bringing sass, y’all!

How do the women feel about all of the support following their stint at MGP?

“It felt fantastic. It felt like outer space and we felt it in our hearts”.

But what are they going to do next?

“Well, right now we are going to perform at the Hard Rock Café because of the #wiwijam. After that, we’re going to Tel Aviv pride and Cologne pride, and of course, we’re making new songs. We just spin around and do our thing!”

It would have been pretty odd for the Hungry Hearts to perform “Laika” without their featuring vocalist Lisa Dillan.

Luckily the petite singer showed up shortly afterwards — she had places to be! — and worked the red carpet with style, excited for the evening.

Does she plan on working with the Hungry Hearts in the future?

“Well, yeah! If it happens, it happens. The Laika thing is really spinning around out there, and as long as it does that, it’s cool”.

One of the most memorable moments for the team at wiwibloggs came when the ladies sang “In Your Face,” a saucy song with some rather sexy lyrics about putting one’s female anatomy in another’s face.

Sadly the speakers were going bananas and the video recording is pretty crap. But you an still see the super sultry choreography in the video above.

We don’t know about you, but we are desperate to see this dynamic group of strong women back at Eurovision, and preferably in the grand final.

Do you want to see them on the streets of Kyiv, with their girlfriends? Let us know in the comments box below!

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William realises what the Hungry Hearts are singing in "In Your Face". #wiwijam

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