Softengine — Finland’s Eurovision 2014 representatives — are hard at work on their second album. But they’re not just focusing on their own material. While in the studio, they recorded a song with one of Finland’s hottest popstars — Robin. The four-piece band join forces with the teenage heartthrob for his newest single “Salamatie” or “Lighting Road”.

The song itself was first released in April as part of the super deluxe version of Robin’s fifth studio album Yhdess (Together). Each track features a star of the Finnish pop scene. “Salamatie” is the fourth single to be taken from the record.

Robin feat. Softengine “Salamatie” (music video)

“Salamatie” is all about freedom and how it can separate two people. It might hurt to leave your loved ones behind, but sometimes you have to do it in order to achieve your dreams. Robin knows this. He must have left many girls behind on his way to becoming the popstar he is now.

Originally Softengine’s lead singer Topi Latukka sang the second verse, but according to the band it started to sound too much like a lovestory between the two guys (how awful!). Luckily, they didn’t cut all of Topi’s vocals. Listen closely and you can hear him singing in Finnish for the first time.

The music video shows Robin — who actually isn’t old enough to get a driving licence — ride a motorcycle on the streets of Finland. He then drives the vehicle inside a school where the “Yellow House” singers are rocking out. We hope his teachers aren’t watching!

Although Robin has never expressed any interest in representing Finland at Eurovision, he has made two guest appearances on Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) — the country’s national selection. This year he performed his version of “Huilumies”, Finland’s 1980 entry.

Would you like to see Robin on the Eurovision stage? What do you think about this collaboration with Softengine? Let us know in the comments.

Interview: Softengine at Eurovision Cruise 2014


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Maciej Sychowiec
Maciej Sychowiec
8 years ago

I’d prefer to see Softengine once again.

8 years ago

When we can see Robin representing Finland? He’s voice is great and his charisma charms through. I love “Miten eskimot suutelee”, “Yö kuuluu meille”, “Sua Varten” and “Onnellinen”.