In February he placed second at Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix with “Feel Da Rush” and watched it climb to No. 2 on the Norwegian charts.

And this month Drammen-born Freddy Kalas has kept the momentum going with his follow-up single “Jovial”, which spent two weeks on top of Norway’s VG-lista.

On the ebullient track Freddy once again serves Norwegian-Caribbean realness and winds up sounding like a mix between Kygo and Ylvis – among Norway’s biggest musical exports.

The song lives up to its title, oozing good cheer and humour set to calypso, guitar, drums and synth.

The laidback summer anthem is less high-octane and thrusting than “Feel Da Rush”, but is a real ear worm nonetheless. The bridge may just see Freddy shouting over the chorus, but it imbues this with an anthemic quality owing to his goofy charm and charisma.

Thematically he argues against consumerism and suggests that optimism and a wild streak are enough to keep him alive.

“I don’t need a boat, cash and cars,” he repeats. “Nonconformist, I have no time. Live here and now, live rather crazily, Jovial.”

At MGP 2016 Freddy dropped it like it was hot beneath plastic palm trees while hula girls shook their tails and worked their leis.

We spoke with him at the afterparty and he was a total gentleman despite the kooky frat boy image. He even sang the praises of victorious Agnete.

He said: “Perfect singer. Perfect personality. Great song, euphoric. She deserved to win, honestly.”

Agnete, of course, was forced to cancel her promotional tour ahead of Eurovision owing to ongoing mental health issues, and she failed to make the final.

Could Freddy make up for that by slaying at MGP —and Eurovision — next year? And what do you think of his new single? Let us know in the comments box below!

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