Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is getting closer by the day and the country’s musicians are planning Christmas concerts left and right.

One of those musicians is the almighty Hera Björk — she of Eurovision 2010 fame — who released her much-ballyhooed Christmas album “Ilmur af jólum” (A Scent of Christmas) over ten years ago, before she made it big. Over the years the album has gained popularity, and now Hera is going to summon various singers to assist her during her Christmas concerts, which kick off in late November.

Eurovision 2012 and 2015 star Greta Salóme will appear. And as a very welcome surprise Hera recently popped over to France and recruited Eurovision 2015 diva Lisa Angell!

In Vienna, the two vocal canons were not seen together frequently in public, if at all.

Lisa was busy rehearsing her number “N’oubliez pas”, while Hera was busy coaching Iceland’s 2015 charge Maria Olafs, and later comforting her after her elimination.

But in an interview on the Icelandic morning radio show “Í bítið á Bylgjunni“, Hera made it clear she is very familiar with Lisa’s body of work and explained how she secured her for the Iceland gig.

“To me, Lisa was the star of 2015,” she said. “She might have flown under the radar for pretty much everybody else, but I think she is spectacular!”

“Eurovision might be big and sometimes extravagant, but we, the contestants, we do follow each other, and we do become friends. And I just love meeting people, who just give me a chill of satisfaction with their voice. Especially when you have been in the business as long as I have, and the chills become so rare.”

“Me and my husband met up with Lisa in France this summer, right before the Euro Cup, and I said to her: ‘OK, you’ll just come to Iceland and do a Christmas gig with me!’ And she immediately jumped on board, and that was that! She’s coming, and she is over the moon with excitement!”

So, there we go. Icelanders, especially the Eurovision fans among them, will enjoy this particular concert. It’s not every day that a kick ass collaboration like this one is born. Christmas is coming early in 2016!

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7 years ago

Greta was 2016 not 2011 lol Btw Lisa is just horrible with that haircut, makes her look sooo old. But her voice is very strong, I hope she will come back one year with something powerful, not 2° in running order(we all know what happens at the second..), and maybe bilingual so that people will understand it. Like Jamala. Make the chorus in French, but the rest of the song in English, with a war song like 2015, or a song against another country like 2016. As we all have watched this year, the strategy is sadly to make song… Read more »

an esc fan
an esc fan
7 years ago

Christmas may come as early as possible, with good songs and … snow for those who can’t see snow as often as the nordics.
Love to see that ESC brings together talented people, is this all about, not points.