In August she wowed the crowds at Amsterdam Pride with her killer voice, sizzling dance moves and tolerant attitude.

And in September Spanish pop star Barei kept the good feels coming when she discussed her upcoming album with wiwibloggs at the Eurovision Live Concert in Setúbal, Portugal.

Sitting in her dressing room and wearing a negligee-like silver top, she showed off her loveable personality — and her stunning décolletage.

Barei interview in Setubal

The artist is yet to release her Eurovision follow-up single, but she tells us she has some scintillating tracks in the oven.

Apparently they’ll vary significantly from her well-loved tracks “Throw the dice”, which was released in 2015, and 2016’s “Say yay” and “Who Plays The Drums?”

Barei also spoke about her numerous performances at Pride events across Europe.

She’s been so busy supporting her fans in Madrid, Stockholm, Berlin and Amsterdam that you might think the B in LGBT stands for Barei! The Spanish beauty says she doesn’t know why gay fans love her, but we’re telling you, with such attitude and such energy, who wouldn’t?

Say Yay in Setubal!

Taking a more serious tone, Barei also discussed the alleged homophobia that her friend and fellow Eurovision contestant Hovi Star suffered in Russia before Eurovision 2016.

She famously spoke up for Hovi, which subsequently caused strain with the Russian media, who, according to her, felt “attacked” by her words.

Also, Barei may not believe us, but we are big fans of her song at wiwibloggs. In fact, our William has already listened to “Say Yay!” a total of 444 times, many more times than she has performed it.

We may not have been the biggest fans of her staging, but we do say yay yay yay to Barei!

Did you like Barei’s performance in Setúbal? What do you expect from her new album? Let us know in the comments section below! And check out her other Setúbal performances in the video that follows…



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El rosario de Raquel
6 years ago

Freedom for women

6 years ago

Can somebody teach her how wear a bra?

an esc fan
an esc fan
6 years ago

I like her hair style, and about staging, I think she needed something urban, like her video, maybe staging like Australia 2015 (Guy Sebastian).