Poland confirmed its long-awaited return to Junior Eurovision back in the summer. The national selection was scheduled for October 15th, and we now know the performers’ names and some of the song titles. Broadcaster TVP also recently shared details of the selection show and the names of the jury members. Margaret — this year’s national final break-out star — will be joined by singer Anna Wyszkoni and radio DJ/journalist Marcin Kusy.

However, after a 12-year absence from Junior Eurovision, we are not quite sure what to expect from Poland. Its return (albeit after a much shorter break) to the adult contest has been a success thus far. The Junior Eurovision landscape is much slicker and more professional than it was in its infancy — just look at any of the confirmed entries from this year.

But can Poland up its game? What would we like to see from Poland in JESC 2016? First let’s rewind and take a look at its entries from 2003 and 2004.

2003: Kasia Zurawik “Cos mnie nosi”


Kasia Zurawik did the best she could in 2003 with this jazzy number and those cargo pants, but still fell to the bottom of the pack. The poor kid only managed to pick up three points, even with solid vocals and the help of her dance troupe. In all honesty, the song was just not very good. My sincerest apologies.

2004: KWADro – “Lap Zycie”


2004 was the turn of KWADro, an all-singing, all-dancing girl group. This was definitely a lot more teen than the previous entry, but all of the matching tank tops and twirling in Poland did not spare KWADro from the same fate as Kasia. Again, Poland was awarded a total of three points. So they withdrew from Junior Eurovision. Overreaction much?

Poland in Junior Eurovision 2016

So how can Poland ensure that it performs better this time around? What would we like to see? Well, from what we know so far, it seems as if TVP is at least taking its JESC return seriously. An open call for songs and artists has passed, and one of the confirmed entries has been written by Piotr Rubik, a well-known classical and stage music composer.

However, it is vital that Poland keeps it fresh. Hopefully the ultra-current Margaret can steer the performers in the right direction. Because ‘junior’ doesn’t have to mean childish or kitschy.

The field of entries is strong this year. There are many different musical genres, but all of the songs have one main thing in common: they are polished. Strong vocals, expensive music videos and at the end of the day, they are good songs. So we expect the best from Poland too!

It may be a competition for children, but it is still a competition. And none of the performers will want to look back on themselves in ten years wearing cargo pants. That is the truth.

How do you feel about Poland’s JESC return? What do you think they can do to improve upon three points (which technically cannot happen anymore)? Let us know below!


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Leo Valdez
Leo Valdez
5 years ago

I agree
The quality of songs have increased alot
I hope poland choose something which does not lead them to bottom again

5 years ago

What happened with France?