The three-month long Armenian national selection — Depi Evratesil — has already aired its sixth episode. After three weeks of auditions, contestants have been trying to earn a place on the judges’ teams. This week, ten more hopefuls performed but only five advanced, with the star-studded panel getting close to completing their teams.

In Round Two, judges have the option of pressing their buzzer in the last ten seconds of each performance. The first judge to press their buzzer gets the artist on their team, with each judge looking for a total of four artists. If none of the judges press their button in this period, the contestant is eliminated from the competition.

As of last week, Aram MP3 had three artists on his team. Essaï, Iveta and Hayko each had two artists on their teams, while sisters Inga and Anush had only one each.

You can watch this week’s episode in full below.

Among this week’s performers was Lilit Harutyunyan, performing at 12:30. Lilit has been a favourite among our readers since her first performance in the second episode. Once again, she showed off her impressive vocal range. Aram MP3 beat the other judges to his button, officially completing his team.

Lilit was followed by Marta, who also impressed us in the second audition episode. This week, she performed a cover of “How Deep Is Your Love“, starting at 20:10. Subtle but sizzling, Marta’s vocals were on point as usual. She secured a spot on Anush’s team, who was moved by the performance. Anush was excited to train Marta and hone her talent, as Marta was likewise impressed by Marta’s creativity.

Closing the show was another fan favourite in the form of Hasmik Siroyan. Hasmik was the last to audition in the third episode, with our readers impressed by her cover of “Runnin’“. This week, she showed off her multilingual talents and it was open season as the judges pressed their buttons. Nobody mashed their button harder than Iveta, who was thrilled to have Hasmik join her team.

Iveta Button

Also qualifying this week were Alexander Plato and Anna Sedrakyan, both joining Anush’s team which is now complete.

The current teams are:

  • Aram MP3 — Lucy, Saro Gevorgyan, Jujo and Lilit Harutyunyan
  • Inga — Suzanna Melkonyan
  • Essaï — Opera Viva and Arcvik
  • Iveta — Christina Mangasaryan, Vahe Aleksanyan and Hasmik Siroyan
  • Hayko — Egine and Anna Danielyan
  • Anush — Stepan Hovhannisyan, Marta, Alexander Plato and Anna Sedrakyan

Four of the six judges still have spots on their team which they will be looking to fill in next week’s episode. In fact, Inga still has room for three artists on her team after adding no new artists in the last two episodes.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was the winner among this group? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 years ago

My faves so far have been Egine, Syuzanna and Saro from week 1, Vahe and Anna from week 2 and Lillit and Alexander Plato from this week.

Pollaski IV: A New Hope
Pollaski IV: A New Hope
7 years ago

Oh thank god, Ivetas purple dreds are.gone.

The Erised
The Erised
7 years ago

The voice of Ukraine- Hasmik Siroyan!