The grand final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in just a few hours. As our time in Malta draws to a close, we are already getting nostalgiac about our time with the kiddies, who remind us that life isn’t soooo bad. So as we say au revoir to all our new friends, we thought we’d re-live some of our week by sharing our series of vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos. Yes, wiwibloggs is becoming wiwivloggs. Let’s do this!

On Monday William jetted in from London and Jacob from Oslo, and we headed straight to the red carpet and running order draw, where we interviewed several acts, including Macedonia’s Martija Stanojkovic and Australia’s Alexa Curtis.

The morning after the night before we were EXHAUSTED.

But we had to get up for a long day of rehearsals and interviews…

Reviewing rehearsals, filming interviews and running Instagram and Twitter is a nightmare when you’re just two people, so by Day 3 we were nearly dead.

But the children brought us back to life with their humour and high spirits.

The next day we continued with interviews and reviews. But we now had the added challenge of filming and uploading second rehearsals…at the same time.

And adding even more stress and strain was the fact we were simultaneously planning the Wiwi Jam — our concert and party at the Hard Rock Cafe Malta, which featured 33 acts including Eurovision legends Poli Genova and Ira Losco.

Thankfully wiwibloggers Bernardo and Deban had flown in from Lisbon and London just in time to help deal with the countless loose ends we had to tie up.

Wiwibloggers Denise and Patrick, both of whom now live here, also came to help with sound checks and crowd control. Beep, beep — y’all gotta back up!

The party came and went — you can watch the performances here — but Junior Eurovision rolled on.

After just three hours of sleep we picked ourselves up and headed back to the press room for another day of rehearsals and interviews.

Ukraine’s Sofia Rol had challenged William to wear her #JESC sweatshirt for a day, and he just had to take her up on it.

By Saturday it was time for the jury final.

Ahead of the show we ran around the press room asking for opinions…

Afterwards we sat down to film our review of the jury final.

But we bumped into JESC 2015 star Lina Kuduzovic and just had to interview her. And then we bumped into Eurovision 2011 and 2012 stars Jedward…and just had to interview them too.

Thankfully we finally around to sharing our thoughts, which essentially revolved around Georgia and Armenia slaying the pack.




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(J)ESC Fanatic
(J)ESC Fanatic
6 years ago

Denise lives in Malta?!