Known for her soulful swag and country tinged pop tunes, she was one of the breakout stars of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2016. And in just a few weeks time Wiktoria will return to the contest for another stab at Eurovision glory.

Ever the sweetheart, the “Save Me” singer has some new music to whet our appetites until then. Her highly anticipated third single “Unthink You” landed just before Christmas, with the official music video following earlier this month.

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Composed in collaboration with Simon Johansson, Jens Siverstedt, and Sharon Vaughn, “Unthink You” is a modern slice of pop with a generous spread of autotune.

Guitar driven in parts, and backed by a mesh of voices in others. While the track takes Wiktoria away from the country-pop genre she’s best known for, it still fits with her singing style.

“Unthink You” becomes somewhat infectious on repeat listens, though its main drawback is poor enunciation. Furthermore, her previous two singles “Save Me” and “Yesterday RIP” are considerably stronger

The Michael Sjösten directed music video offers an interesting glimpse into the creative process.

Focusing mostly on a male dancer dressed in black against a backdrop of some of Stockholm’s most iconic buildings, the clip is interspersed with images of Wiktoria singing her song.

And despite some recent news that Wiktoria has straightened her hair, her beautiful curls remain intact for the duration of the video.

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Wiktoria “Unthink You” (Official Music Video)

The 20-year-old singer will compete at Melodifestivalen 2017 with the song “As I Lay Me Down”.

The song — written by Justin Forrest, Jonas Wallin and Lauren Dyson — will likely have shades of Wiktoria’s 2016 hit “Save Me,” as Wallin and Dyson also co-wrote that gem.

Given that then she placed second in the televote last year, it’s no wonder Wiktoria wanted the two of them again!

Speaking to us at the Melodifestivalen 2017 launch, she confirmed that her entry “is a pop song. It’s a bit like — it has the same feeling like ‘Save Me’, but you just wanna sing along, you wanna clap, you wanna dance. I love it! And I hope you guys will too.”

We’ll witness Wiktoria’s Melfest comeback in all its glory on 25 February.

Wiktoria Interview at Melodifestivalen 2017 launch


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