He sang his way into the hearts of voters across Europe at Eurovision 2016, before releasing hit-after-hit and judging the Miss France pageant.

And now France’s Amir is turning heads yet again — this time on the cover of French magazine As You Like in its February edition.

On Thursday the “J’ai cherché” singer uploaded a behind-the-scenes clip that shows him tooching, smizing and flirting with the camera at all the right moments. He’s a singer from France, but he’s also a supermodel of the world…

Amir, who was born in France but grew up in Israel, puts his international background to good use during the shoot, working a variety of looks that cut across borders.

He kicks things off by showing his flirty side, shooting alongside a female model who just can’t keep her hands to herself (and who could?).

The 32-year-old stunner then follows up with more formal attire, transitioning seamlessly from laidback to suited and booted.

He’s not just a businessman though, and Amir can most definitely dress down too.

Rocking a leather jacket at a happening bar, the “On Dirait” hitmaker knocks back a cocktail before returning to his hotel room and getting into his loungewear for a grown-up pyjama party.

Sell the garment and send us our invitation!


Amir is good with his balls too

Fashion isn’t Amir’s only new venture though. The Eurovision 2016 star has been getting up close and personal with France’s world champion handball players.

Earlier this month he appeared at Hand Star Game 2017, where the best French players and foreign players compete against one another.

Amir @ Victoires De La Musique 2017

And as if he wasn’t busy enough, Amir is also nominated for Best Original Song and Best Album at the Victoires De La Musique 2017 awards.

The awards – France’s answer to the Grammys – take place on February 10, so if you want to support our boy be sure to vote now.

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Unofficial Månsters Association
Unofficial Månsters Association
5 years ago

XD That gorgeous face 😛 <3 I'd love it if he represented France again. He was one of my favorite entries last year, and not only because of his song, but because he probably had one of the happiest attitudes as well, and he seems to be that type of person who can always become another's friend or get along with them.

5 years ago

If France were to win Eurovision in the near future, I think Amir would make the perfect presenter – he’s got incredible charm, he speaks both English and French fluently and would be great in interval sketches. Perhaps do it in tandem with the reigning Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere, they’ve become great friends.

PS: Amir’s next single is the title track from the album “Au coeur de moi”, he just released the lyric video on YouTube

5 years ago