Dilara Lady Gaga A Million Reasons

Even on the huge, easily overpowering Eurovision 2014 stage in Copenhagen, she proved with “Start a Fire” that minimalist staging can seriously deliver.

More recently, she put out an EP, nailed her performance of it at Atlas Weekend, and gave us two eerie yet visually stunning music videos for “Running” and “Dream”.

But now, Azerbaijan’s Dilara Kazimova has gone back to that toned-down, authentic vibe, covering pop divas Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.

Scroll down for video.


Both covers are as simple as they are touching, featuring nothing more than Dilara, a microphone, a guitarist, and a whole lot of soul. A few camera angles keep the videos dynamic, but make sure to keep her captivating vocals the centre of attention.

“Million Reasons” cover

Following in the footsteps of Lady Gaga’s flashy and undeniably massive Superbowl halftime performance, Dilara’s acoustic cover of “Million Reasons” is incredibly exposed, making it clear that she’s singing from the heart.

Sporting a wide-brimmed black hat, she subtly reminds us of Gaga’s headwear in the original music video. Make no mistake, though, this modern-country fashion combo is uniquely Dilara’s, and she owns it.

Dilara Million Reasons (Lady Gaga cover)

“Kill Em With Kindness” cover

With even more of a style shift, Dilara’s cover of Selena Gomez’s “Kill Em With Kindness” throws out the song’s electronic sound. In its place is effortless guitar strumming, silky smooth vocals, and in-the-moment emotions. It’s heartwarming restyling done at its best.

Her monochrome look mimics the original video, but that bow and sultry makeup keep her version fresh. Her false eyelashes definitely don’t hurt either!

Dilara Kill Em With Kindness (Selena Gomez cover)

We certainly want to hear more stripped-down covers from Dilara — she’s quite literally given us a million reasons why. But what do you think? Should “Start a Fire” have been the end of this genre for her?

Either way, it may have been a few years since Dilara represented Azerbaijan at Eurovision. This year, Dihaj is taking the reigns, and you can follow the song submission process and more, right here on wiwibloggs.


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Dilara fan
Dilara fan
5 years ago


Eliar Tabrizi
5 years ago

I have been a fan of Dilara for over 12 years. I have seen singers come and go, but Dilara is a true survivor,. She is slways up to something new and entertaining. I believe her new covers will open many doors for her worldwide.

Ayten Jamo
Ayten Jamo
5 years ago

I did not like the cover for Gaga`s. She is our one of the most hard-working and stylish young singers.I hope she realizes her dreams soon.