She conquered our hearts as Spain’s representative at Eurovision 2015 in Austria and has gone on to star as a judge on Spain’s Got Talent.

But last week Telecinco reminded us that before Edurne became a star in her own right, she earned her stripes as a part of the children’s group Trastos.

The Spanish site unearthed Edurne’s first-ever TV appearance and you need to watch it. Now.

We may know her as a blonde bombshell, with a penchant for José Fuentes’ dresses, but way back when Edurne was a blushing brunette.

Her fashion was functional too: a bright blue top, black jeans and boots.

In the clip, Trastos perform their debut single “Day By Day” on Queen of Spanish daytime television Maria Teresa Campos’ show. 

Despite being a member of a six-piece, it’s clear that even in 1997 Edurne was set to be a star.

Speaking to the presenter, the “Amanecer” singer revealed she loved to “sing and dance”, foreshadowing her iconic dance breakdown performance on stage in Vienna with noted Italian choreographer Gieuseppe De Bella.

The choreography may have become more complicated as her career has progressed, but her flair and finesse were already apparent two decades ago.

Edurne: Oreo promo girl

As well as her gig judging Spain’s Got Talent, Edurne recently signed up as an ambassador for Oreo’s new line of Oreo Thins, a thin twist on the classic chunky Oreo cookie.

In a short clip uploaded to Oreo’s official YouTube page, titled “Edurne is crazy for new Oreo Thins”, the singer tries out the cookie in her workout gear. Why not reward yourself after breaking a sweat?

Edurne fans will remember that the star partnered with Thomas Bagels after Eurovision 2015, creating different recipes to suit all tastes, including her childhood favourite: turkey, brea and pea shoots.

Photo Credit: Mediaset


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5 years ago

Her song was good but her performance was perhaps a bit lackluster. And singing in spanish is hard if you dont have that special song

5 years ago

She was SO robbed! Hers was my favorite number from the whole contest