She’s the Estonian darling who brought colour and positivity to Eurovision 2011 with her song “Rockefeller Street”.

And now Getter Jaani is onto another Baltic summer hit with her new song “Something Good”, which channels major feel-good vibes and Nordic cool.

The English-language track, her first released under Universal Music Baltics, ends a prolonged dry spell and serves as a reminder that this Eurovision magician is here to stay and slay. With its cool summer beats and contemporary electro sound, Getter is on to something good indeed.

Listen to “Something Good”

She gave life to the track at a music camp in Estonia, along with Swedish songwriters Kaspar Kalluste and Cassandra Ströbergiga.

Speaking to, Getter explained their unusual creative process: “We recorded the song in a closet — we layed out pillows and blankets to prevent excessive noise and echo in the cabinet.

“I am truly grateful that I was a part of the songwriters camp and got to learn more about various musicians from both Estonia and abroad. The story of ‘Something Good’ is really cool and the outcome is fantastic.”

“I liked how Cassandra was able to bring out something new in me and knew the right buttons to push.”

What do you think of Getter’s track? Have you missed her during her absence? And are you thrilled that she’s now a Universal Music girl? Let us know in the comments box below!


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6 years ago

Ok. A Eurovision comeback must happen. Enough said.

6 years ago

I always liked her music