He’s the Latvian superstar who has participated in Latvia’s national selection for Eurovision four consecutive times and who has made a big name for himself in Ukraine, the Baltics and Russia.

And last week Markus Riva reminded us why with the release of “Southern Winds” — a Russian-language single that bridges funk, R&B and electronic with some sleek, on-trend production.

As with his 2015 single “Too Beautiful”, Markus worked with Arthur Dennys, a prominent Ukrainian production team. “Their songs are very unique — it’s not typical pop,” he tells wiwibloggs. “They don’t just sing about ‘you love me, my heart is broken, I’m powerless.’ Their music is very funny and all the lyrics have a strong story.”


And this story revolves around a tantalising woman. “It’s about a very dangerous girl and the chorus is ‘don’t look in her eyes, she might kill you’ because she is so powerful,” Markus tells us. “During the night she is reading Lolita and nobody knows what she needs.”

Visually Markus brings the song to life at an indoor swimming pool, working with the stunning Russian music host Yana Shyigina.

“The swimming pool was really just my fantasy of working at a swimming pool,” he says. “We decided not to do Speedos or to show too much skin because in others music videos there is more skin stuff. Maybe in the next one we’ll show more of my skin!”

“But this time the emphasis is on the girl. She’s from Russia. We met two years ago and I joked that she should be in one of my music videos because she is so pretty and fun, and my joke came true.”

“I call her my Kardashian because she looks a Kardashian in a good way.”

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Markus, who we first met way back at Latvia’s national selection for Eurovision 2014, likes to get the most out of each of his recording sessions.

So he also recorded a second take on the number, which has a totally different feel.

“I really like this song, which in the beginning was a little funk. I uploaded that version on Spotify as well, which is part II.”

Naturally we just had to ask Markus if he’ll return to the Latvian national selection. He responded with a lot of smileys, so we think we just might see him making another Eurovision run soon.

In any case, that’s what Markus has been up to. Are you feeling his sound and this song? Can you relate to the idea of a girl messing with your head? Let us know in the comments box below!

“Southern Winds” lyrics — Markus Riva

Help me, help me, why I am feeling so good?
She is smiling and I have insomnia for the fourth night in a row
In the evenings she is listening to Pink Floyd,
She reads a lot, like Lolita at night
She’s better when she is alone,
Nobody knows what she needs

But don’t look in her eyes
She can kill you, she can kill you

I did not get that from the first time,
Like a bright like in the fog
That you were acting,
I think that I am just blind
And now, why are you not answering my calls and mails
And who will give me the answer
I promise to myself, won’t fall in love again…

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7 years ago

He is too awkward and too overrated by wiwi

7 years ago

I saw him on tinder when he was in Stockholm. And I’m a guy. I don’t think he’s too tempted by that lady.

7 years ago
Reply to  Question

What is tinder? How do you know he is not too tempted by that lady??? You know him personal?

7 years ago
Reply to  Question

I’m pretty sure a famous singer wouldn’t be using tinder. It could easily be a fake account.