Dziesma—Latvia’s national selection for Eurovision 2014—is over, but it’s not forgotten. The team from were really impressed with LTV’s hospitality before and after the show. Besides driving all of us bloggers from Riga three hours to Ventspils, they helped us get up close and personal with contestants Samanta Tina, Nikko and Markus Riva. Here’s what they had to say to all of their fans.

Markus Riva works out for his voice

Model-turned-singer Markus Riva has appeared on the cover of magazines throughout the Baltic region. Do a quick Google Image search and you’ll see he offers much more than his voice alone. Here he tells us how he stays so fit.

Samanta Tina Says Hello

Samanta Tina made the super-final with her song “Stay”. Ahead of the show she sent y’all some love and told us about her new dress for the final.

Niko wants your vote

Yeah, so obviously we didn’t publish this before the show, and his message didn’t reach you. But hopefully you’ll see how down-to-earth and friendly Niko is. You can vote for him next time around!

If you missed our interview with Dziesma winners Aarzemnieki, you can watch it here.

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