It’s been an incredible year for Portuguese music. Salvador Sobral’s Eurovision win marked the most obvious success, which led him to become the most-streamed Portuguese artist in Portugal ever. But we’ve also watched Suzy slay The Voice of Spain and bounced along as our beloved Portuguese artists dropped single after single.

Among the prolific artists is Portugal’s favourite diva Luciana Abreu. Fresh from her seafood allergy rhythms, the female half of Eurovision 2005’s 2B has released another tune and music video for you to feast your senses on. And there isn’t a shrimp in sight.

Her latest is simply titled “Sunshine”. Known for her Latin bangers, Luciana is more laid-back and modest with this track, which is set beautifully by a lazy guitar. She croons calmly about summer love, singing mostly in Portuguese while delivering the chorus in English.

Sunshine sunshine
I give you all my life
Sunshine sunshine
Just stay with me tonight

They aren’t revelatory lyrics. But with the warm, summery backing, we don’t need anything more. How can anyone not love a bit of relaxed acoustic love during this time of year?

Luciana Abreu “Sunshine”

The video features Luciana and her bearded lover flirting in many beautiful places — from a gorgeous white pavilion to wheat fields to a luscious Iberian beach. Goodness, this Latin beauty knows where to take a date!

She’s spared no expense with the jewellery, either. Those large hoop earrings look great on her and could fund our entire trip to Eurovision 2018!

Just a few weeks ago Luciana released her Spanish banger “El Camarón”, as well as her debut album Luciana Abreu.

Earlier this year, she also gave us the drama with “Fica Também” and was a captain on musical quiz show Agarra a Música. She’s also one of the regulars on our wishlists to represent Portugal in the future. Though with Eurovision coming to Lisbon, maybe our multi-talented diva has a different role in mind. Needless to say, we’d love to see her on the stage once again.

So what do you think? Do you love Luciana’s steamy Latin bangers? Or do you prefer her new laidback sound? Would you like her to make an appearance at Eurovision next year? Let us know!


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5 years ago

Gosh, i love her for some reason. She’s so POP, she needs to bring it.