It’s been a good year for French heartthrob Amir, who has managed to keep the momentum going following his sixth place finish at Eurovision 2016. He’s sung with OneRepublic, toured across France and even commentated at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv on behalf of the French broadcaster.

And his year is set to get even better with the release of his third studio album next month. Judging from his latest single “États d’Amour”, it’s going to be a real doozy.

To prove the point and keep the hype bubbling over like that sweet French champagne, he’s blessed us with a music video for the track, in which he sings of broken hearts, unrequited romance and a love seen in black and white films. But with its vibrancy and emotion, this video is most def in full-on colour…

His musical style has evolved since his “J’ai Cherché” days, moving toward the artistic and slightly away from pure pop. The track, sung entirely in French, has an authentic quality to it. Amir is developing a sound we recognise fully as his own.

As for the music video, Amir provides us with a choreographed yet cute montage of family life with his bae. From moving in together and the honeymoon period, to the inevitable fights after Amir tries and fails to get his girlfriend’s attention. Who could ignore that smile?

Speaking of that smile, we see our fair share of that grin in his regular breaks from synchronised dancing, while he turns and speaks to the camera. Think Morcame and Wise — Yup, it really is that cheesy. But who can resist a bit of cheese? Especially when it’s Amir that we’re talking about.

Amir — one of France’s pop stars of the moment — headlined “Paris A Nous Les Jeux” (Paris, The Games Are Ours!), a massive outdoor concert to celebrate the country’s successful bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games last Friday.

He sang “États d’Amour” and “We Are The Champions”.

What do you think of Amir’s new single? Does “États d’Amour” make you excited for his new album Addictions, or are you longing for a return to the “J’ai cherché” days? Let us know in the comments!


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6 years ago

Fantastic Song! Merci, Amir!

Jorge Velarde
Jorge Velarde
6 years ago

Great Song and great Video, Thanks Amir