They are two Dutch country music Eurovision stars who have given the Netherlands impressive results in recent years. Now Ilse DeLange and Douwe Bob have taken things in a different direction. The pair recently teamed up in Nashville and gave a moving performance of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” in a women’s prison.

The performance was part of Ilse’s new television series, Ilse’s Veranda. Every week, the Common Linnets star hosts a well known Dutch musical star at her Nashville home. Her most recent guest was fellow country singer Douwe Bob.

Along with Ilse’s band, the duo performed the Johnny Cash version of “Hurt” to an audience of female inmates at the Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

Douwe Bob can’t resist flirting with the inmates, noting that he’s wearing the same colour of red shirt as their prison uniform. But before long the duo launch into “Hurt” and deliver a powerful performance.

The Dutch country stars give a moving rendition of the Johnny Cash song. Inmates are seen wiping their eyes, touched by the the song of regret.

The performers were rewarded with a standing ovation, and one prisoner tells the camera, “This was the greatest experience of my life, besides having kids.”

The Netherlands at Eurovision

Both Ilse DeLange and Douwe Bob are part of the great Dutch renaissance at Eurovision in recent years. Ilse was part of The Common Linnets, who delivered a well deserved second place in 2014 with the moving country folk number “Calm After the Storm”.

Douwe Bob came along two years later with his ode to taking it easy, “Slow Down”. It placed 11th in Stockholm and was notable for the dramatic ten-second pause in the middle of the grand final performance.

In Kyiv, the Netherlands were represented by the sisterly trio O’G3NE who also earned an 11th place finish.

The Netherlands will again internally select their act for Lisbon. There’s no word on who broadcaster AVROTROS has in mind, but with the Netherlands’ recent results, there’s a lot to live up to.

What do you think? Who should the Netherlands send to Lisbon? Should Douwe Bob and Ilse enter as a duo? Tell us what you think below!


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5 years ago

Such an emotional performance- loved it

5 years ago

Hi. Poland just chose their Junior Eurovision 2017 representative, and it’s AMAZING! 😀

5 years ago

An interesting project.