Maraaya Freddie Cleo Christmas 2017

As Christmas grows ever nearer and snow falls across much of Europe, we take a listen to some new festive tunes from the world of Eurovision.

Maraaya “Winter Wonderland”

The winter chill may have set in outside, but all is warm and cheery in the Vovk household. On this cover of the evergreen favourite “Winter Wonderland”, the Slovenian 2015 duo – professionally known as Maraaya – eschew their usual electronic beats for a more relaxed jazzier sound. Marjetka’s raspy vocals lend themselves perfectly to some seasonal crooning while Raay strums gently on the guitar. The music video sees the pair cosy up on the couch. However, given the amount of snow that appears to be falling indoors, we’re worried the pair are going to have an almighty mess to clear up later.

Cleo “Coraz blizej Swieta”

She’s the Polish singer best known for her outrageous stage attire and suggestive lyrics. But Eurovision 2014’s Cleo appears to have turned over a new leaf for the festive season. Instead of busty milkmaids we’ve got an incredibly photogenic family sitting down to a very tasty looking Christmas meal. Gifts are exchanged while our Slavic Girl spends some time outside in the snow, between the fir trees and mountains. The song itself is typical holiday fare with plenty of bells. Coca Cola’s theme features heavily – which is unsurprising given that they bankrolled the whole project. “Cool Me Down” hitmaker and Melodifestivalen 2018 star Margaret released her own version of the song in 2015.

Freddie “Tárd ki a szíved”

And Cleo isn’t the only Eurovision alum sipping Coke this Christmas. Eurovision 2016 singer Freddie is the sound of the multinational’s Hungarian festive campaign. His husky vocals are the perfect antidote to the cold weather. Warmer than any log fire, the “Pioneer” singer transports us to the North Pole with the Coca Cola jingle ringing in our ears. Former The Voice USA singer and A Dal 2018 contestant Viktor Király dropped a version of the track last year.

What do you think of the three festive tunes? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Darth Thulhu
Darth Thulhu
6 years ago

Props to Coca-Cola for picking a country whose flag is already in Coca-Cola colors, and for letting Cleo’s costume be as delightfully gonzo as one would hope for.