He’s the Romany rapper who brought Hungary their seventh straight qualification, and a top-ten finish. And after a stellar year, Joci Pápai has spoiled us with one last beautiful Gypsy tune for 2017.

“Távol” (Afar) is bold even by Joci’s standards. Sung again in the typically beautiful Hungarian, it’s as powerful and sincere as all of his music. But while his previous songs were potent odes to love, this one is more complicated. This song is dedicated purely to lustful desire:

How long can we stand?
The most beautiful contrast
My soul waits for nothing
But my body asks

While perhaps not as emotional, it’s frank and open, and hard not to be intoxicated by.

Joci Pápai – Távol

The music is also as incredible as always. Joci Pápai is a master of mixing traditional Romany music perfectly with contemporary sounds. Lyrics aside, this song retains the gentility and raw attitude that Joci slays so hard. There’s no rapping as such this time, but Joci’s voice will always hit every heart that hears it.

The overall atmosphere of the song is very ethereal and dreamy through the silvery Romany instruments. The modern beats just add a new dimension to the dark, raw emotions. It’s a formula that Joci looks like he won’t be abandoning anytime soon, and we’re not complaining at all.

The music video is also typical Joci fair. Our Romany crooner sings in a forest and surrounded by people in dark cloaks. Joci is reunited with Alexandra Virág, who fans will remember as the evocative dancer in the “Origo” performance.

She plays a mysterious woman who performs a kind of ritual with her hair and delivers some more of that very energetic folk dancing that we loved from Kyiv, with added water. It’s difficult to understand exactly what the music video means, but it definitely cultivates more of that passion and rawness. We’re very into it.

Az els? nap 111ezer megtekintés!Nagyon boldog vagyok!???? köszönöm!

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This year has, rightly so, been a great year for Joci. Aside from winning A Dal and bringing Hungary another top-ten placing, he’s also been dropping more hits. “Özönvíz” was well-received here at wiwibloggs, and earned him his fourth top-five single in Hungary. He also came third on Hungary’s Your Face Sounds Familiar with some incredibly memorable performances. He’s definitely still got the energy and the diversity, and we’d love to see more of him next year.

So what do you think? Do you like Joci Pápai’s “Távol”? What would you like to see him do in 2018? Let us know below!


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6 years ago

The transitions here confuses me a little bit, but the song overall is great. Would’ve been nice to hear it live.
Well done Joci!

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
6 years ago