Ruth Lorenzo Loveaholic release new album

Since achieving Spain’s last top 10 performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, Ruth Lorenzo has been keeping that success going with her music career. She slayed with her first debut – “Planeta Azul” – debuting at number 8 on the charts and climbed to victory on Tu Cara Me Suena in 2016. She even has a Guinness World Record!

And last week, the Spanish songstress presented her newest – and long awaited by fans – album, “Loveaholic”. It’s a big dose of love and addiction!

“Loveaholic” – addicted to love

Twelve songs make up Ruth’s this rawer new record. As its name suggests, this album is a proper journey of love and its addictive quality. But not everything is specifically about romantic love. “Loveaholic” also explores meaningful relationships and important moments that marked her life.

“This record made me realise of my addiction to love. From where it comes from – because I’m addicted – and how everything unfolds. These album’s songs tell or help everyone to understand why I’m addicted to love”

Ruth also says:

“I believe that’s how the great majority of human beings experience love. Like an authentic addiction to the pre, to the post, the during and the returning. Love boost hooks too much, but its anticlimax hooks even more because when you’re down, you return to love again. I find it very curious. At least to me, I live addicted to love”

Showcasing a more international and radio-friendly sound, all twelve songs still feature the proper Lorenzo style. Her vocals, raspier and rawer, flow with pure pop pleasure as the album unfolds. But for this new album, Lorenzo also explores some thrilling rock sounds. It’s wilder and exciting, with great production.

Album overview

Two years and a number of recording sessions led to more than 70 songs being created, but only 12 make the final cut. Ruth recorded in Los Angeles, Stockholm, London and Barcelona – true international flair. In contrast to her previous record, “Planeta Azul”, “Loveaholic” is mostly in English.

Opening with songs like “Bring Back the New” and “Good Girls Don’t Lie”, Lorenzo paves the way for what is up to come: pop, rock and emotional ballads. But also in the tracklist, two Spanish songs feature – “Moscas Muertas” and “Amanecer” – serving a timeless quality, and diversity amongst the rest of tracks.

Her four recent singles are also included: “Good Girls Don’t Lie”, “My Last Song”, “Loveaholic” and “Bring Back the New”.

The hidden gem on the album is “Spanish Guitar”. While the song is mostly English, there’s some Latin realness in it, giving you that real Iberian feeling. “You can play me like a Spanish guitar, play me till I’m begging you for more – hasta que me vuelva loca, hasta que me vuelva loca…” YAS!

One of the truly special songs on the album is “Another Day”. It’s a collaboration with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, someone who Ruth has wanted to work with for some time. Not only are the lyrics meaningful, but Ruth’s vocal delivery — as well as that dreamy guitar — make this ballad a truly wonderful piece.

“Our song [Another Day] is probably the most personal one I have ever written and perhaps my favourite. It’s a letter that I wrote to myself in the worst time of my life”

While it’s not a big change for Ruth, it’s a whole new experience for the listener. This record feels contemporary and a fresh new way to go. It demands your attention from start to finish.

What do you think about Ruth Lorenzo’s comeback and her newest record “Loveaholic”? Are you loving it? Tell us in the comment section below!

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She’s a mediocre singer.




Excellent album! My favs are GGDL & The First Man <3


I am still trying to get over Dancing in the Rain. I did not like it.

David Hache
David Hache

Hi! Greetings from Spain. I really love your review about the new album Loveaholic.
Just a comment, the song you call “Another time” is actually called “Another Day”.
Thanks for support an artist like Ruth! 🙂