They are Georgia’s representatives at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And before they perform in tonight’s second semi-final, the Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao spoke with our Deban.

“The first time on stage was a once in a lifetime experience with all these outstanding people, the camera team, the staff, we thank all of them.”

“When you have these people supporting on stage with you, you get all the emotions. We’re a family now and we’ll keep learning and this is the path that we’re now going.”

“We’re very pleased that this kind of style is now being shared with the rest of the world and we feel very responsible doing so.”

On their composition “For You”, the group “is very emotional about and got it very well. We hope ‘For You’ will be very well caught by the people.”

Explaining why their song title is in English, they say that “For You” is easier to understand than a Georgian language title. We chose this name because it’s very simple to understand. It also incorporates all the philosophy about what is what the song is about, it’s for your heart.”

“First of all, there was a melody and then we thought about the lyrics and the title of the song. It’s based on a very famous Georgian face on a poem. And it’s like ‘what you give away to others, it benefits you and what you don’t is lost.”

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Man Sarino
Man Sarino
6 years ago

This is very good. Maybe they can qualify