Eurovision is over and Post-Eurovision Depression is on! As you guys trawl the Internet for ESC news and try to keep the euro-dance rhythm alive, we’re going to do our best to ease you into summer…and prove that the Eurovision flame is burning.

So we’re slowly publishing a lot of leftover content that we either didn’t get around to publishing at 4am after the semi-finals, or that we simply forgot about. Oops. We’ve filmed a shedload of videos recently — from Top Crimes to the Eurovision’s Next Top Model preview. While we put on the finishing touches to all that, why not play our lyrics game?

One vlogger reads lyrics from a Eurovision 2018 song with no music and the other attempts to guess. With no melody and only words, it can be a surprisingly hard nut to crack.

The latest episode is above. You can watch some earlier episodes down below.

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