At the end of June they released their empowering electro number “Comme une reine”. And now the unstoppable French duo Madame Monsieur have followed up with a touching music video.

Encouraging self-love and self-belief, the video sees an atypical dancer with a normal body — just like ours! — standing up to her insecurities. In the course of three minutes she learns to love her curves and lets loose in front of more stereotypical dancers with razor-sharp cheekbones.

“So we lose everything we do for 3 minutes and we dance, we sing, we are proud of what we are … and we share the good vibe!” the duo wrote on Instagram.

On this second single from their album Vu d’ici (Seen from Here), “Madame” Emilie Satt and “Monsieur” Jean-Karl Lucas draw fire from the #MeToo movement. “Comme Une Reine” echoes the chants of female empowerment, body image acceptance, owning your uniqueness and loving yourself. This all about wearing your crown.

The music starts out slow and methodical, creating the same cool vibe that draws you in on their other tracks. Emilie’s smooth vocals lend confidence – but quickly, synth beats and finger snaps imbue the music with a more optimistic tone. Purity shines through the production, putting the song’s message centre stage.


The glare that hurts is more violent than bullets
But look, it’s you who aims and it’s not normal
Disappointment is such between you and yourself
I wish you realized that you wear a tiara

Reflecting these themes, and appreciating the love of their fans in the process, Madame Monsieur recently asked their followers to film clips of themselves dancing to the song.

They’ve now put together a compilation video that features people of all ages, races and body types dancing their hearts out to the new single, and reflecting what makes each of us unique.

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4 years ago

I’m so proud of them! They represented us so well, they made us proud and now they keep on doing an amazing job! Comme une reine is one of my favorite songs of their album and the video is perfect! Well done Madame Monsieur!

4 years ago

Emmy Liyana and Masoé from Destination Eurovision also released the clip for “Ok ou ko” et “Paradis”. Jonathan Cerrada (France 2004) also released a new single in Indonesian (where he lives).

Good clip from Madame Monsieur.