Zlata Ognevich Dancing With The Stars Ukraine

Emmelie de Forest and Blue’s Lee Ryan are taking part in the Danish and UK versions of the show, but for one Eurovision alum the Dancing with the Stars journey is over almost as soon as it started.

This week’s second episode of Ukraine’s Tantsi z zirkamy saw Eurovision 2013’s Zlata Ognevich dance her last dance and hand back her dancing shoes.

In week one the “Gravity” songstress tackled modern dance and received mixed scores from the judging panel which includes Eurovision 2017 opening act Monatik – 6, 4, 6. The total of 16 left her bottom of the leaderboard.

However, Zlata came back fighting for show two’s rumba, increasing her score by three points to 19 – 7, 6, 6. This was enough for her to rise up the judges’ scoreboard, but once the public vote was added to the mix she fell down the rankings. And when Eurovision 2006’s Tina Karol and her male co-host were calling out the final results, Zlata was the one sent packing.

The 2018 season of the hit dance show has proven to be unlucky for all those linked to Eurovision. After sitting out the first two week’s episodes due to injury, NuAngels singer Oksana Kuznyetsova was forced to accept the inevitable and withdraw. She competed in Ukraine’s 2014 and 2016 national selections along with her bandmate Tatiana Smeyukha. They finished fifth on both occasions.

Zlata Ognevich dances modern dance on Dancing with the Stars Ukraine (Week 1)

Zlata Ognevich dances the rumba on Dancing with the Stars Ukraine (Week 2)

What about music?

Zlata fans needn’t worry about the singer slacking on her day job. On top of “Do мене” earlier this year, the “Pray For Ukraine” hitmaker dropped the music video for her latest single “Doloni” just over a month ago.

The clip sees Zlata and her gal pals in holiday mode. Sun, sea, sand, a cute convertible and a multitude of outfits, the women have it all. What more could a lady of leisure need for the perfect vacation? A handsome hunk, perhaps? Zlata manages to nab herself one of those too.

“Doloni” itself is the perfect summer unwind track. There’s a distinctive electro undercurrent that’s laidback enough to facilitate chilling out, but sufficiently up-tempo to dance along to. Writing in the description beneath the video clip on YouTube, Zlata says:

“The song “DOLONI” is very familiar to me! Not only because we did it with guys from another continent, but also because it appears in my first album. Now I’m working on it, and I feel a lot of inspiration than ever! The text to this song came at night, after my concert, when I recalled the audience, their hands and wrote a part of the chorus.”

Zlata Ognevich “Doloni” (Official Music Video)

What do you think of Zlata’s DWTS fate? Did she deserve to go? And what do you make of “Doloni”? Let us know in the comments below.


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Tomás davitt
Tomás davitt
4 years ago

So I just watched the modern dance one to see why she got such low scores – she looks amazing! Is everyone else in the competition incredible or something because she looks even better than some of the UK stars do in their final weeks. Or is this just typical rigged Ukrainian show again?

4 years ago
Reply to  Tomás davitt

Half of the participants were incredible, the other half are just very popular personalities with a big fanbase. Judging from the professional point of view Zlata deserved to go further, but apparently she did not get enough televotes.

Mr. Vanilla Bean
Mr. Vanilla Bean
4 years ago

Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.