emmelie de forest TDC reklamefilm på Hovedbanegården

She is known for always performing barefooted on stage. But for her next challenge the 2013 Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest will need to strap on a pair of dancing shoes. The 25-year-old Dane has just been announced as one of the contestants in this year’s Vild med Dans — the Danish version of Strictly Come Dancing.

The Eurovision star told Denmark’s TV2, the broadcaster behind show, that the competition will be a real challenge for her.

“I’ve never really danced before. People think I have because I sing and make music. But normally I never dance myself and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve said yes. I want to learn”.

The “Only Teardrops” singer reveals that she was first approached by TV2 shortly after her Eurovision win, but that she couldn’t find the time in her busy schedule to compete in the show.

“The first two years after Eurovision was super busy and I had to find myself as an artist”, she explains. “Now I am ready for it and I think it could be fun to try and open up that side of me”.

Big shoes to fill

Emmelie de Forest will appear in season 15 of the hugely popular show that attracts one million viewers every week. And with her participation she continues the impressive roster of former Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision performers in the show. The barefooted singer has some very big shoes to fill.

In 2006 Simon Mathew was one of the dancers and the “All Night Long” singer finished as runner-up in the final. The same was the case with Lighthouse X star Johannes Nymark in 2014 (where he competed against his own husband in the final). Basim (ESC 2014) and Birthe Kjær (ESC 1989) have also danced on the show, as has long-time DMGP host Annette Heick.

Judge on new tv show

However, “Vild med Dans” isn’t the only TV show Emmelie will appear in during 2018. This August she will be one of the judges in the premiere season of “All Together Now – Denmark” on Danish Kanal 5. Joining her as a judge will be Denmark’s contestant from this year’s Eurovision, Rasmussen. The two Eurovision stars have gotten to know each other off screen and, according to their social media, it looks like they’ve had a blast.

What do you think about Emmelie’s new TV projects? And how far do you think she will get in “Vild med Dans”? Let us know in the comment’s box below!


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5 years ago

Enmlie de forset need to come back next year she AMAZING

5 years ago

Emmelie is great – good luck to her! 🙂