She had us shouting haba haba at Eurovision 2011 and she had us chanting you got me, you got me at Melodi Grand Prix 2018.

And now Stella Mwangi — the queen of Norwegian rap and hip-hop — is poised to make the whole world dance with “Not Your Ordinary”, her empowering track that features on the 2019 edition of the wildly popular video game Just Dance.

Just Dance is one of the biggest video games out there. First published in 2009, it’s named after Lady Gaga’s well-known hit single. Each year a new version of the game comes out with new dance choreography for users to pop and lock with. It includes some of the most recent hits, along with all-time classics.

The 75-s preview shows some of the easy-to-follow choreography that Eurovision fans all over the globe will soon be able to dance along with. Coupled with Stella’s funky beats and feel-good flare, the song is sure to help you burn calories while channeling your inner STL!

It’s the latest success for the Kenyan-born star, who has released a steady stream of hits and made some real magic with Alexandra Rotan — her singing partner for MGP 2018.

Their track “You Got Me” was one of the feel-good songs of the year, earning 12 points from a number of international juries — including the UK — during the Norwegian national final.

Just Dance is putting Stella in good company.

Among the other artists to feature on this year’s edition is Eurovision 2018 winner Netta with “Toy”. That is the third Eurovision song to feature on the game after Lena’s 2010 winner “Satellite” and ABBA’s 1974 entry “Waterloo”.

As one would expect, it includes the famous chicken move…and it looks fabulous! The background sees elements from her Eurovision performance as well.

Are you loving Stella’s track? Will you be buying the video game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dame Tu Conchita
Dame Tu Conchita
2 years ago

That’s three Eurovision artists in one Just Dance installment already. Along with Arash and Netta. We are only waiting for the game to have a Eurovision version featuring many danceable hits.

2 years ago

I was wondering who was singing this.