Estonian songstress Elina Born captured hearts across Europe in 2015. Together with Stig Rästa, she guided Estonia to a seventh place finish with the iconic “Goodbye to Yesterday“. And today her track record for songs about fiery, unpredictable romances continues with the Estonian language track “Tagasi Me” (“Back to Me”).

“Tagasi Me” — Elina Born

The music video of “Tagasi Me” commences with Elina storming out of a restaurant. She leaves her man behind and walks away, setting the melancholy tone of the song. Elina is no stranger to expressing emotions through music — who can forget the tear she shed on the Eurovision stage during her 2015 performance? She continues to explore similar emotions in the “Tagasi Me” music video, walking through town and reflecting.

Featuring plenty of close-ups of Elina, the music video complements the song perfectly. Elina traverses plenty of ground both physically and emotionally, exploring her inner world without her man. All hope is not lost, however — Elina finds her way back to him in the end. This sad song has a happy ending as Elina returns to the restaurant to find her beloved waiting there.

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Perhaps our only criticism of “Tagasi Me” is the length. Clocking in at just 2 minutes and 22 seconds, the song whets our appetite without feeling like a full meal. This also makes the time between Elina’s argument and her reunion with her guy seem inconsequential.

Elina is no newcomer to singing in Estonian either. In 2018, she collaborated with Eurovision 2016 singer Jüri Pootsmann on the single “Jagatud Saladus“. “Tagasi Me” continues to work her mother tongue and we look forward to the continuation of her musical evolution.

What are your thoughts of “Tagasi Me”? Are you a fan of Elina Born in Estonian? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 years ago

Me is short for meie and means “our” or perhaps “us” in Estonian so I think the title is something like “Back to us”, but my Estonian is rudimentary so…

4 years ago

Love the song. It has a nostalgic vibe to it, yet remains quite modern. The length is a minus though, but it only made me more obsessed with the song, since I want more of it. Overall, the best single she put out.

4 years ago

Great song and video. But where is the bridge and last chorus? 🙁