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In a week of internal selections, it’s fair to say that Melodifestivalen 2019 wasn’t always at the forefront of Eurofans’ minds. But judging from the Sverigetopplistan chart, the Swedish public were thinking about little else.

The latest countdown of the country’s top 100 singles shows a nation that’s gripped by Mello mania. The list contains 21 entries from the competition, 17 of which are inside the top 40. And, for the second year running, a Melfest song has hit number one.

After debuting at #3 last weekJohn Lundvik’s “Too Late For Love” has soared to #1. 

However, topping the charts does not guarantee victory. FELIX SANDMAN ruled the Sverigetopplistan in 2018, only for “Every Single Day’” to finish second behind Benjamin Ingrosso’s “Dance You Off”. Similarly, Ace wilder lost out to Sanna Nielsen in 2014.

The last Melfest winner to reach the top spot was Frans with “If I Were Sorry” in 2016. He went on to finish fifth at Eurovision.

Six more Melfest acts join John inside the top ten. His biggest challengers are Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO. The “Hold You” duo are at #2.

Behind them is Bishara at #4, Mohombi at #6, Wiktoria at #8 and Jon Henrik Fjällgren at #10.

Surprisingly, Dolly Style are holding strong at #9. Despite being eliminated in semi-final three, “Habibi” has now become the brand’s most successful single to date.

There are five more acts in the top 20, including non-qualifier Omar Rudberg with “Om om och om igen” at #14. 

The others are finalists Lisa Ajax at #12, Arvingarna at #13Anna Bergendahl at #15 and Malou Prytz at #17.

At #31 and #36 respectively, Nano and Lina Hedlund are the lowest-charting finalists. Oscar Enestead, Vlad Reiser, and Zeana & Anis Don Demina are all inside the top 40.

Rebecka Karlsson, Margaret, Andreas Johnson, and Martin Stenmarck have also cracked the charts.


1. John Lundvik “Too Late for Love” (up from #3)

2. Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO “Hold You” (up from #7)

4. Bishara “On My Own” (new entry up from #6)

6. Mohombi “Hello” (up from #15)

8. Wiktoria “Not With Me” (up from #20)

9. Dolly Style “Habibi” (down from #8)

10. Jon Henrik Fjällgren “Norrsken” (up from #22)

12. Lisa Ajax “Torn” (up from #34)

13. Arvingarna “I Do” (up from #39)

14. Omar Rudberg “Om om och om igen” (down from #11)

15. Anna Bergendahl “Ashes to Ashes” (up from #33)

17. Malou Prytz “I Do Me” (up from #28)

26. Oscar Enestad “I Love It” (down from #16)

31. Nano “Chasing Rivers” (up from #60)

36. Lina Hedlund “Victorious” (up from #64)

38. Vlad Reiser “Nakna i regnet” (up from #54)

39. Zeana feat. Anis don Demina “Mina bränder” (down from #35)

46. Rebecka Karlsson “Who I Am” (up from #57)

51. Margaret “Tempo” (down from #48)

60. Andreas Johnson “Army of Us” (up from #74)

64. Martin Stenmarck “Låt skiten brinna” (up from #79)

Entries from Pagan Fury, Anton Hagman, Ann-Louise Hanson, The Lovers of Valdaro, Jan Malmsjö, High15 and Arja Saijonmaa have yet to chart.

“Walk With Me”, the new single from Måns Zelmerlöw and Dotter which was performed during the Andra Chansen interval, enters at #68.

Of course, the Melodifestivalen 2019 winner won’t be determined by the charts. Nevertheless, they can potentially offer an insight as to what songs the Swedish public are backing.

What do you think? Do you agree with the chart rankings? Does John Lundvik deserve to be number one? How did your favourites do? Let us know in the comments below.


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Aline van Rossem

John’s song is very good!! Will come on top or at least in my top 3 of he really wins tonight. People are calling ut another soulless song with no real meaning and emotions, but I think the song does have a meaning and is very uplifting (I dance along with it). Sweden can welcome another top 10 finish?


No suspense here. Too Late for love will win.
It’s not this year that Sweden will take risks in Eurovision.
Goodbye Wiktoria, Goodbye Lisa, Goodbye Hanna & Liamoo.


Agree but sending Wiktoria, Lisa or Hannamoo wouldn’t be a risk either xD


Bishara is calling


I agree with the charts and think John Lundvik is our best chance in eurovision with the best song in the final :))

Felix Sandman topped the charts for several weeks last year and he came second so I wouldn’t see the charts as a winners indicator.


John Lundvik has much more going for him than Felix last year.


I agree but a lot of people are saying that the top melfest song on spotify will absolutely 100% win and just wanted to point out that this wasn’t the case and everyone here in sweden pretty much listens to anything on spotify


John is gonna win but he’s only gainging like 15k or 20k streams daily over Hold You. It’s not a big lead or sweep on Spotify