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Six4one who?

Montenegro’s D mol are truly six singers for one megagroup. Our William caught up with Emel, Ivana, Mirela, Rizo, Tamara and Željko after their first rehearsal, and one thing was clear: they can’t wait for their semi-final performance!

Harmonies for weeks, months and ages, the Montenegrin group gave us an a cappella version of their entry “Heaven” and that just blew us out of the water. These people can sing!

D mol interview (Montenegro Eurovision 2019)

D mol means ‘D minor’, but if it was for their vocals it could also stand for ‘Demolishing their competitors’. Harmonies like these are yet to be seen in any other act this year, and such vocal coordination requires at least some kind of personal bond.

That’s exactly what they explained to William: they feel like a family! And actually, a horizontally organised family, because what happens when they’re asked who’s the leader? Leader? What’s that?!

There may not be a leader, but there are some characters within the group. Just taking a look at our thumbnail… can you guess who is the biggest diva? That’s Mirela (alas, not the one from Spain). She was serving pop star realness the whole interview… maybe she will be shining alone in future editions of Eurovision?

Also, in every group of people, there’s the responsible one, there’s always a mother or father, and that figure here is Željko. All his mates immediately turned to him in times of need. He drives, he cooks, he does everything and all because of love for his group. Aww!

D mol “Heaven” – 1st rehearsal (Montenegro Eurovision 2019)

The six of them also explained how their megagroup came together and why did one of the teachers in their academy played a big role in the conjunction of this common framework. Want to know more? Then click on our interview and enjoy!

How much are you enjoying D mol’s entry? Does it take you to heaven or do you want to let it go burn in Hell? Who’s your favourite from the six members of D mol? Tell us in the comment section below! 


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5 years ago

Well yeah, more likely the biggest flops of the year like any other years. Hopefully I ain’t wrong

5 years ago

Thats the issue, they all want to be leaders and there is no chemistry…