Hungary’s Joci Pápai had his second rehearsal at Eurovision 2019 this morning. With his song “Az én apám” serving serious emotional impact, the Eurovision returnee caught up with our Deban following his rehearsal to talk about how the song came to be, and how he returned to Eurovision since last performing in 2017.

Joci Pápai interview at Eurovision 2019

While Deban and Joci discussed the close familial impact of “Az én apám”, the Hungarian singer summarised the track’s core essence of love in one short statement:

“There’s also one very important aspect to the song. You have to show your love in the present while you still can. If you don’t show your love, it might be too late at one point and you’re going to live with regret.”

And while the touches on love, Joci paused and revealed the very tender moment he shared “Az én apám” with his parents – who he often shows his music to while in his car. Turn up the speakers and ride those feels.

“The song was made in secret. I always show my father and my family my new songs in the car. With this song, I played the song to my mother and father in the back seat. They were crying so hard, they couldn’t get out. It was very emotional. They asked me to play it again and again.”

Joci’s father also inspired the staging for Eurovision, as a tribute to all fathers. Joci wants to get all fathers involved in his performance, recently calling out for Hungarians to participate and contribute to his Eurovision staging:

“We had a call for action in Hungary to a send picture of your father. So people sent in lots of picture, and is kind of a tribute to all the fathers and its great that we can take some Hungarian fathers to the Eurovision stage too”.

Reflecting on his top ten finish in Eurovision 2017 and a return to Eurovision so soon – the first Hungarian to return to Eurovision – Joci can’t quite choose which song he prefers:

“Both of them are very important songs in my career and my life. For me, its hard to decide.”

“I never thought it (a return to Eurovision) would happen. And for Hungary, this was the first time (for something to win twice). I made history!”

What do you think of Joci and “Az én apám”? Will Hungary continue to make their perfect qualification streak since coming back in 2011? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 years ago

Joci is so talented and sweet. I love him. I wish him very well IN THE FINAL.