Back in June, she released the emotional ballad “Little Things”. And now, Australia’s Jessica Mauboy is keeping a good thing going and stepping back into the spotlight following the release of “Blessing”, the latest track from her upcoming album Hilda.

The full album won’t be released until October 18th. But the Eurovision 2018 singer is satisfying our craving for new music while we wait.

On Instagram, Mauboy posted a short clip featuring black and white visuals accompanying the new track. And fans are already falling in love with the new song. Upon its release, “Blessing” entered the Australian iTunes charts.

Lyrically, “Blessing” speaks about a former relationship that didn’t end on good terms. Instead, the person involved clearly didn’t seem to appreciate the “We Got Love” singer at all. In the chorus, Mauboy makes no secret of her feelings about that, singing: “Shoulda known I was your best thing, I don’t wanna save a prayer for you”.

The lyrics are crystal clear — there’s no mourning here, as Mauboy knows her own worth! With that in mind, Mauboy goes on to sing “I’m a ten and you’re a three”.

Now that everything has been revealed, the Eurovision alum is not close to forgiving her former lover’s betrayal. The relationship is over for good and Jessica Mauboy is well aware of what’s been going on here.

Jessica Mauboy – “Blessing”

“Blessing” certainly sets a different tone to her previous release “Little Things”, which was a soft piano ballad. Although this new track also starts off with a slow vibe, it soon begins to build towards a big chorus. It utilises some more urban sounds and nicely works with Mauboy’s voice. Notably, the Australian star’s vocal delivery is — yet again — on point.

Although Jess took some time off to finish songwriting for her new record, it’s definitely been worth the wait. If the three pre-released album tracks are anything to go by, we can’t wait for the full album!

Are you enjoying the new track from Jessica Mauboy? What direction do you expect the new album to go in? Sound off in the comments section down below!

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4 years ago

A great example of a very good song suffering from shambolic staging and moderate vocals. I wish her well because she appears to be a very genuine person.

4 years ago
Reply to  yodenman

It must be bittersweet for Jess seeing the staging they came up with this year for Kate compared to the subpar staging they gave Jessica. Thought she had a team around her…

4 years ago

Yas queen slays, her new album is pretty lit so far!! Glad she’s producing music again