Making her debut as a fresh-on-the-scene sixteen year old, Eurovision: Australian Decides finalist Leea Nanos wowed Australia with her self-penned song “Set Me Free”. Proving she’s far from a solo single singer, she makes a welcome music return with yet another original song, “Don’t Call Me”.

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Showcasing her breadth in the pop music scene, Leea channels edgy dark pop chic in her new track. Don’t be fooled by her sweet and innocent demeanour – she channels urban style and swag to match Caleb.TheRapper’s rap interlude, proving she’s a woman who does things on her own terms.  It’s a more mature take on relationship blues, signalling Leea as having a maturity well beyond her years We’re definitely seeing a superstar in the making, ripening well for a berth on a Eurovision stage.

Speaking to wiwibloggs about her new single, Leea tells us about the creative process behind “Don’t Call Me”:

“Recording this single was a super fun process like always. I went into the studio with my awesome producer and we worked on the single for a couple of days. Going back and forth with ideas on how I wanted the track to sound. This time I wanted to create a song that was dark yet still upbeat and something you can dance to.

“Don’t Call Me'” is about a relationship with someone who is being disloyal or suss and breaking up with them so you can move forward and find someone who will treat you right. I’ve always wanted to write a sassy song and this is it – telling your ex “don’t call me” because you have better things to do!”

While her new single won’t be eligible to enter Eurovision in 2020 (with songs only eligible if released after September 1), Leea has teased the idea of entering a Eurovision selection again. Being Australian born but having strong Greek ancestry, touted the idea on social media through a post on Instagram, with the hashtag #leeaforgreece2020. The post was met with overwhelming support in the comments – from Australians and Greeks alike.

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#leeaforgreece2020 @eurovisionert ? ????

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With that, Leea has told us her dream is still set for Eurovision:

“I am very interested in representing Greece or Australia (at Eurovision). One of my biggest dreams is to compete at Eurovision. When I had the chance in 2019 (at Australia Decides), I was so incredibly grateful and shocked – I felt like I was in a movie! Bot Australia and Greece are my home and I want to make them proud.”

Australian broadcaster SBS has yet to confirm a national final for their selection in Eurovision 2020. And while Greece is rumoured to be internally selecting their act, Leea joins a long list of rumoured Greek acts for 2020 including Vangelis Kakouriotis, Armenian-Greek singer Athena Manoukian, and ex JESC participant Stefania Liberakakis. The Greek potential is real.

Would you like to see Leea at Eurovision in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 years ago

Where’s the article about Tania doko’s New song?

Trash KAN
Trash KAN
3 years ago

I am starting to become a fan of her. She looks and sounds promising.

Antranig Shokayan
3 years ago

This song SLAYS!