She’s the Ukrainian singer who left a permanent mark in the hearts of Eurovision fans following her performance of “Shady Lady” in 2008. Not slowing down since, Ani Lorak’s star has only continued to shine. Now, she’s released her latest single “My narushayem” (“We are breaking”).

Her third single of 2019, this new song is a semi-upbeat, luscious ballad with some great modern elements. Despite being slower than her uptempo Eurovision entry, it shows that Ani’s music is ever developing.

“My narushayem” depicts a couple that, despite going through personal struggles, are very cohesive and in touch with each other intimately. It’s paired back and doesn’t have the loud emotion we’ve previously heard in some of Ani’s other ballads, but it still carries the message very well. The song is genuine, subtle and raw; the production is slick and added with a delicate touch.

Ani Lorak – “My narushayem”

There’s plenty of unique tender elements, and while at times they feel a little unsuited, the whole thing comes together very well. Even those who want the shady lady back will have difficulty arguing that Ani nails the emotion and the ballad perfectly.

The lyric video is also subtle and effective. It depicts the lyrics written with a variety of calligraphy. Ani is seen in the background acting as a model in the hands of a makeup artist. The star poses as well as only Ani could.

Even this simple photo shoot carries the emotion of the song beautifully. It’s not overdone but there’s still something obviously pressing on the singer’s mind. We’re well into it.

This new track is in preparation for the the star’s upcoming fifteenth studio album Za Mechtoy (For The Dream), which is set for release on 10 October. From what we’ve heard of the album already, it’s sure to give fans plenty of feels.

An overview of Ani Lorak’s 2019

Ani’s love of singing ballads has not slowed by any means. She gave us two others earlier this year, and they’re every bit as classy as we’ve been used to from her. Let’s quickly look back at them.

“Ya tebya zhdala”

Released back in April, “Ya tebya zhdala” (“I waited for you”) is a ballad about missing a lost lover. It’s a moody song with upbeat elements and orchestral influences, and it shows how well Ani can bring out the power of a song. Despite the vulnerability of the lyrics, she is confident and assured. The music video accompanying the song displays this; she’s in various killer outfits and just works it in a studio. Her experience and talent for this kind of thing really shines here.

“Ya v lyubvi”

Released in June, “Ya v lyubvi” (“I’m in Love”) is a ballad about being with an adoring partner and describing the feelings. It’s as full of love as you can possibly get and is full of the Eastern European elements we all know. It’s slow and steady but the positivity of the song still shines through, and there’s a real nice guitar piece towards the end of the song. Simple, but wonderful.

So what do you think of Ani Lorak’s new offerings? Do you like her current style of music? What do you hope from her in the future? Let us know below!

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