In just a few weeks, we’ll know the next Italian Eurovision representative. But to find out who will sing in Rotterdam, you’ll need to follow the 2020 edition of the long-running Festival di Sanremo, starting on Tuesday 4 February.

Of the five evenings of competition, one will be dedicated to covers of well-known songs.

RAI has revealed the full list of the 24 Campioni‘s choices for the third evening on Thursday 6 February.

Sanremo 2020: Evening Three — Covers

It’s a crucial evening for the contest, particularly this year. Unlike previous editions, these special performances — voted on by only the members of the orchestra — will contribute to the final ranking.

Each artist was explicitly asked to select one of the songs entered in the first sixty-nine editions of the Italian Festival.

Several singers will perform with a non-competing artist. Among the guests are two former Italian Eurovision representatives: Francesca Michielin (2016) and Fausto Leali (1989).

There will also be appearances from Annalisa, Sanremo winners Arisa and Simone Cristicchi, Syrian pianist Aeham Ahmad and Spanish singers Sílvia Pérez Cruz and Ana Mena. The latter had great success in Italy with the singles “D’estate non vale” and “Una volta ancora” featuring Fred De Palma.

Many names from the indie scene will also be present — rapper Myss Keta, singer-songwriter Maria Antonietta and bands Canova, La Rappresentante di Lista and Viito.

Sanremo 2020: Covers and Duets

Here is the list of the covers and their interpreters. The original singers and the year in which each song was presented at the Festival are included in brackets.

  • Achille Lauro with Annalisa Gli uomini non cambiano (Mia Martini, 1992)
  • AnastasioSpalle al muro (Renato Zero, 1991)
  • Alberto Urso with Ornella VanoniLa voce del silenzio (Tony Del Monaco – Dionne Warwick, 1968)
  • Bugo e MorganCanzone per te (Sergio Endrigo – Roberto Carlos, 1968)
  • Diodato24 mila baci (Adriano Celentano – Little Tony, 1961)
  • Elettra Lamborghini with Myss KetaNon succederà più (Claudia Mori, 1982) *
  • Elodie with Aeham AhmadAdesso tu (Eros Ramazzotti, 1986)
  • Enrico Nigiotti with Simone Cristicchi Ti regalerò una rosa (Simone Cristicchi, 2007)
  • Francesco GabbaniL’italiano (Toto Cutugno, 1983)
  • Giordana AngiLa nevicata del ’56 (Mia Martini, 1990)
  • Irene Grandi with Bobo RondelliLa musica è finita (Ornella Vanoni – Mario Guarnera, 1967)
  • Junior Cally with ViitoVado al massimo (Vasco Rossi, 1982)
  • Le Vibrazioni with CanovaUn’emozione da poco (Anna Oxa, 1978)
  • Levante with Francesca Michielin and Maria AntoniettaSi può dare di più (Gianni Morandi – Enrico Ruggeri – Umberto Tozzi, 1987)
  • Marco Masini with ArisaVacanze romane (Matia Bazar, 1983)
  • Michele Zarrillo with Fausto LealiDeborah (Fausto Leali – Wilson Pickett, 1968)
  • Paolo Jannacci with Francesco MandelliSe me lo dicevi prima (Enzo Jannacci, 1989)
  • Piero PelùCuore matto (Little Tony – Mario Zelinotti, 1967)
  • Pinguini Tattici Nucleari – Medley of Papaveri e papere (Nilla Pizzi, 1952), Nessuno mi può giudicare (Caterina Caselli – Gene Petney, 1966), Gianna (Rino Gaetano, 1978), Sarà perché ti amo (Ricchi e Poveri, 1981), Una musica può fare (Max Gazzè, 1999), Salirò (Daniele Silvestri, 2002), Sono solo parole (Noemi, 2012) and Rolls Royce (Achille Lauro, 2019)
  • Rancore with Dardust and La Rappresentante di ListaLuce (tramonti a nord est) (Elisa, 2001)
  • Raphael Gualazzi with Simona MolinariE se domani (Fausto Cigliano – Gene Pitney, 1964)
  • Riki with Ana MenaL’edera (Nilla Pizzi – Tonina Torrielli, 1958)
  • Rita Pavone with Amedeo Minghi1950 (Amedeo Minghi, 1983)
  • Tosca with Silvia Pérez CruzPiazza Grande (Lucio Dalla, 1972)

* “Non succederà più” was presented in Sanremo 1982 by Claudia Mori as a guest and was not in competition.

According to RAI, some artists may announce other collaborations in the coming days.

What acts are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments.
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9 months ago

The next Eurovision 2021 will be held in Turin! in the Pala Alpitour
I guess!

Polegend Godgarina
9 months ago

myss keta tho… elettra really is working for those gay votes haha

9 months ago

Gabbani covering L’Italiano is a yes.
I still don’t know how Toto didn’t win Sanremo in 1983.

9 months ago

Is this why the video interview with Francesca Michielin has been embedded in most of the Sanremo articles? You guys knew beforehand, didn’t you? 😉
Have to admit, Achille and Annalisa is not a pairing I’d automatically put together. Quite excited to see how that works out!