Eurovision 2020 is just a few weeks away and our Spotify playlist is slowly filling up. In our weekly update, we’re once again keeping track of how the competing Eurovision songs are performing. With our latest streaming update, The Mamas from Sweden overtake Italy in weekly streams, while Russia lands the highest debut of the week in overall streams.

With the March submission deadline now done and dusted, all countries have selected their entries. However, some songs are yet to be released on streaming platforms.

In the coming weeks we’ll add sections looking into the streaming statistics on other platforms, such as Apple Music and YouTube.

Eurovision 2020 Spotify weekly streaming charts (15 March)

# +/- Country Streams  
1 NEW Sweden 2.050.464 (+)
2 -1 Italy 1.356.727 (-)
3 -1 Iceland 875.141 (+)
4 -1 Norway 514.596 (-)
5 NEW Netherlands 498.369 (+)
6 NEW Denmark 401.676 (+)
7 -3 Germany 331.327 (-)
8 -3 Lithuania 292.202 (-)
9 NEW Finland 275.655 (+)
10 NEW Bulgaria 246.801 (+)
11 NEW Israel 242.345 (+)
12 NEW Switzerland 226.804 (+)
13 -7 Spain 217.731 (-)
14 NEW United Kingdom 205.476 (-)
15 NEW Greece 178.270 (+)
16 -8 Australia 164.171 (+)
17 NEW Romania 162.737 (+)
18 -8 Ukraine 147.001 (+)
19 NEW Portugal 130.880 (+)
20 NEW Serbia 129.609 (+)
21 -12 Belgium 126.792 (-)
22 -11 Poland 109.788 (-)
23 -11 France 104.229 (-)
24 NEW Austria 96.507 (+)
25 NEW Cyprus 94.118 (+)
26 -10 Armenia 90.273 (+)
27 -13 Czech Republic 89.218 (+)
28 -13 Latvia 77.314 (-)
29 -13 Estonia 71.756 (-)
30 -13 Belarus 64.519 (-)
31 -13 Moldova 59.714 (-)

Eurovision 2020 Spotify total streaming charts (15 March)

Along with this week’s update, we’re also providing numbers regarding the change in streams compared to last week’s figures.

# +/- Country Streams
1 = Italy 14.447.755
2 +1 Sweden 3.931.433
3 -1 Norway 2.903.579
4 +1 Iceland 2.072.121
5 -1 Spain 1.427.156
6 = Lithuania 1.355.438
7 +1 Germany 918.350
8 +2 Netherlands 842.662
9 -2 Australia 798.837
10 -1 Belgium 550.613
11 NEW Finland 546.431
12 +1 United Kingdom 512.447
13 NEW Denmark 497.486
14 +7 Israel 449.625
15 -1 Ukraine 438.992
16 -5 Czech Republic 399.873
17 +2 Greece 398.215
18 = Romania 392.561
19 -4 France 392.053
20 -8 Latvia 387.585
21 -4 Serbia 370.895
22 -2 Poland 328.179
23 -1 Armenia 293.131
24 +4 Switzerland 291.664
25 +4 Bulgaria 278.589
26 -1 Portugal 215.797
27 -4 Estonia 210.992
28 NEW Russia 202.294
29 -3 Belarus 144.099
30 -3 Moldova 131.171
31 -1 Austria 124.498
32 -1 Cyprus 95.117
33 NEW San Marino 48.664
34 NEW Ireland 30.022


As of Sunday 15 March, Italy’s Diodato is ahead of both Sweden’s The Mamas and Norway’s Ulrikke. Rounding out the top five are Iceland and Spain, which swap places this week.

Out of the debuting entries, Russia’s Little Big make the highest debut ahead of San Marino’s Senhit and Ireland’s Lesley Roy.

The entries from Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Georgia, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan and Malta are yet to be released on the platform.

On the weekly chart, Sweden overtakes Italy and now leads the list. In third place are Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið with Norway’s Ulrikke and the Netherlands’ Jeangu Macrooy rounding out the top five. Notably, Denmark, Finland and Bulgaria also debut in the top ten most-streamed songs of the week along with Sweden and the Netherlands.

Here’s why some countries receive fewer streams from the domestic audience

Notably, Spotify’s consumption rate differs among the competing countries. While it’s particularly big in the northern and western countries, Spotify is yet to be available in some Balkan and Eastern European countries. Nevertheless, it might suggest which songs are currently receiving lots of streams and gains in popularity. At this very early stage, it’s fair to assume that most of these streams are from the domestic audience. Eventually, as the hype train builds on the road to Eurovision, however, music will definitely be streaming across borders.

What do you think about the current Spotify stats? Do the latest numbers indicate positive reactions for Sweden’s The Mamas? Let us know in our comments below!

Eurovision 2020 Spotify playlist

Eurovision 2020 Apple Music playlist

Follow all of our Eurovision 2020 news here.

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Spotify is Swedish so it’s no surprise they have a larger user base in Sweden listening to the Swedish entry.

Cor Ona
Cor Ona

Well who doesn’t want to listen to a happy song in these depressing times


I don’t have Spotify. Is Athen’s song available in the revamped form? If not, I understand why she doesn’t get big numbers.


It is available on Spotify as (Eurovision 2020 version). However it doesn’t seem to have made the official Eurovision playlist on Spotify at the moment, you have to search for it. Same goes for Solovey.


Side-note… but Georgia’s Take Me As I Am…. now on Spotify!!! So excited my favorite song of the year… was waiting for this!!!


You should do a DEEZER streaming list as well since Spotify is not available in some regions of Europe. Like ex-Yu countries for example..


I feel bad that Italy always does well with streaming, but always get snubbed at the final result. Maybe that might not happen again, cause Italy always bring it every year..


Obiously, Italy has the most sportify users among the European countries


I really can’t call who will win this year, and whether that’s a positive or a negative statement I’m not sure. But there’s definitely a lot of good choices, and whoever wins congrats to them, I’m just excited there’s no real run away favourite, and anybody, literally anybody can win this year..

Jack Pricefield
Jack Pricefield

The Mamas should not be underestimated, I’m not saying they will bring a 7th Swedish victory but I can see them scoring very well on both juries and televote in what is a very open year with the voting likely to be hella wild and vastly spread (2011 levels) “Move” will defo finish Top 5 and may potentially defy odds to cause an upset victory. Their joy, energy and character on stage will easily connect with viewers, The Mamas were my 3rd favourite in Melfest 2020 and while I strongly supported Dotter and still gobsmacked over that single point difference…… Read more »


For the first time in years I’m seeing Sweden not making the top ten.

Ashton Schier
Ashton Schier

anyone who says that they ain’t making the top ten is kidding themselves.


Remember, that Spotify is Swedish.


russia should and will be #1