Every year, the three Baltic states – Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia – make every effort to achieve the best possible result at the Eurovision Song Contest. Although we’ll unfortunately not get to see them battle it out on the stage in Rotterdam this year, the chosen acts from these three countries are still worth celebrating.

A few weeks ago, we asked you which of the three Baltic entries selected for Eurovision 2020 was your favourite. Now, it’s time to evaluate the results.

“On Fire” by The Roop is your favourite Baltic Eurovision 2020 entry

In total, 1,586 votes were cast in our poll. Lithuania’s The Roop emerged as the clear favourite amongst the pack. Amassing more votes than the other two Baltic entries combined, The Roop dominated the poll. Their song “On Fire” earned 1,002 votes from our readers, equating to just over 63% of the vote.

The trio placed seventh with the Wiwi Jury earlier this year. However, in our recent Wiwibloggs Scoreboard video, where Team Wiwi awarded scores using the traditional Eurovision 12-point system, The Roop emerged as our favourite act of Eurovision 2020. Combined with a victory in this poll, it’s clear that The Roop have won over many new fans across Europe and beyond.

Taking second placed in the poll was Latvia’s Samanta Tīna. The star picked up 463 votes for her entry “Still Breathing”. This equals 29.19% of the total number of votes and is just under half of the votes that The Roop received.

Rounding out the results is Estonia’s Uku Suviste. Falling a fair bit behind the others, Suviste earned 121 votes (7.63%) for his ballad “What Love Is”.

Full results: Favourite Baltic entry at Eurovision 2020

1. Lithuania The Roop “On Fire” 1,002 votes (63.18%)
2. Latvia Samanta Tīna “Still Breathing” 463 votes (29.19%)
3. Estonia Uku Suviste “What Love Is” 121 votes (7.63%)


Total votes: 1,586

Lithuania at Eurovision 2020

Lithuania chose their act for Eurovision 2020 in the middle of February. Despite receiving a revised name (Pabandom iš naujo!), the Lithuanian national final was pretty much the same format, and length, as previous years.

Arguably one of the strongest selection processes of this year’s Eurovision calendar, The Roop had to battle off threats from numerous heavyweights in the Lithuanian music scene en route to being crowned the winner with their song “On Fire”. To say that the group simply “won” the competition is somewhat of an understatement. In the final they accumulated more televotes than all the other acts combined – on top of winning the jury vote.

This was the second time that The Roop were competing to represent Lithuania at Eurovision. They previously entered the national selection in 2018, where they ultimately placed third.

Following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT has offered The Roop a direct pass to the grand final of Pabandom iš naujo 2021. The group must then win in order to represent their country at Eurovision 2021. The Roop have not yet stated whether they will accept this offer.

What do you make of the results? Do you agree with the victor of our poll? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Very predictable poll


Wow, I completly forgot that Eurovision existed, and that the first semi would have been tomorrow. That’s sad, but all the cancelled football tournaments (Euro 2020) are more sader. But next year, im sure ESC and Euros will be played.


Lithuania – well deserved. I think in reality it would compete with Iceland and Russia.
Bulgaria – massively overrated. I am 100% it would not make TOP 5 on the Eurovision stage.
My predicted TOP 5 outcome:
1-2-3 Russia/Iceland/Lithuania splitting first 3 spots
4-5 Switzerland/Italy

Italy is so underrated!!! Take all show and fun away, to me it is the best song of the year.

5-10: Azerbajian, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Malta or Sweden


Generally agree with you, but 1-2-3 Russia/Iceland/Lithuania is a bit unrealistic considering that the songs are kinda similar. I’m pretty sure that a ballad would’ve placed in the TOP 3 or one of the songs that you’ve put under the category from 5 to 10.


Well firstly, the same has been said about Bulgaria 2017, so…
Secondly, the three quirkiest entries in the top 3? Very unlikely, and I’m not even sure the juries would get on board with the three of them whereas power ballads like Bulgaria’s and Switzerland’s could score really high in both jury and televote. And have we ever even had a top 3 without a ballad?


Wow, what a suprise!…. not lol