Dadi Freyr Think About Things Acoustic

Despite Eurovision’s cancellation, Iceland’s Daði Freyr has still had a very successful and busy few months. Now, Daði has stripped back all the fun and games for an acoustic version of “Think About Things”. And we are falling in love with the song about his new-born baby all over again.

Daði Freyr – “Think About Things” Acoustic Version

No fake instruments, no mint green jumpers or catchy dance moves, just a simple stringed version of the much-loved Icelandic entry which was, of course, one of the favourites to win Eurovision 2020 before Covid-19 intervened.

Daði swoons with his mustard yellow jumper and acoustic guitar. Plus, there is some serious girl power on display as Daði is joined by an all-female string quartet.

Daði, with his guitar, two violins, a viola and a cello, sitting in a room full of microphones, highlights the incredibly personal and yet completely relatable lyrics of the song.

You are really given permission to listen to the words without getting lost in all the frivolity which comes with the stage performance. What was a fun party song, now becomes a tear-jerking thing of beauty, especially for anyone that has ever had children!

Daði Freyr – “Think About Things” Lyric Video

Level up! Earlier in July, Daði released the “Think About Things” lyric video. The clip draws inspiration from the video games of the 1980s.

The “Think About Things” lyric video stays true to Daði’s nostalgic old-school geek aesthetic that fans fell in love with at Söngvakeppnin. Daði and the members of Gagnamagnið are transformed into eight-bit video game characters inspired by classic platforming games like Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog. Daði traverses the world, jumping over obstacles and defeating enemies with the power of music.

The Eurovision fan favourite first shared the video on Twitter, saying: “I should probably make a video game right?”. Yes please, Super Daði Bros!

Daði Freyr at Eurovision 2020 and in the charts

Daði og Gagnamagnið won the Icelandic national selection show Söngvakeppnin, earning the right to represent their country at Eurovision 2020. Despite the cancellation of this year’s contest, Daði Freyr has enjoyed chart success around Europe.

BBC Radio added “Think About Things” to its playlists, meaning British fans will likely be hearing a lot more from Daði on mainstream radio. The Berlin-based musician will also be touring the UK in April 2021. 

Iceland was one of the favourites to win Eurovision 2020 before its cancellation. As of yet, it is unconfirmed whether or not Daði Freyr will return to represent Iceland at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. However, Daði confirmed that he is open to representing Iceland next year.  “I would be honoured and proud to represent Iceland again if RUV wants to invite us,” he said on Twitter in March.

What do you think of the acoustic “Think About Things”? And do you like the lyric video? Let us know in the comments.

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Additional reporting by Oliver Adams.

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Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
3 years ago

I just love his passion for music 🙂
You can clearly see how much he’s enjoying playing with music, instruments and changing genres
Lots of love <3

3 years ago

Quality! Clearly the winner of 2020!