It’s been a year like no other. From lockdowns to shutdowns to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, we’ve all had to adjust to a new and frequently uncomfortable reality.

Despite all the uncertainty, at least one thing held steady: Eurofans leaning in to their hobby and making sure that the music kept playing — on their playlists and on YouTube, if not on a live stage.

Whether it was debating the unanswerable (like who the winner of Eurovision 2020 would have been) or crying out for particular broadcasters to re-invite artists to Eurovision in 2021, fans kept the conversation going. For so many forced into isolation, these chats became a vital source of connection.

A personal highlight for me was watching more than 50 artists come together in our Wiwi Jam at Home concert in May. They sent messages of hope and support that helped us all feel like we were together, if only for three hours.

The running order for our 23-minute video is below. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to send some love! And a special shout-out to Wiwibloggs video editor Cinan for pulling this all together.

0:01  🇺🇸 William (Wiwibloggers from the USA)
0:40  🇧🇬  Victoria (Bulgaria 2020/2021)
1:03  🇨🇭  Gjon’s Tears (Switzerlan 2020/2021)
1:32  🇨🇾  Elena Tsagrinou (Cyprus 2021)
1:45  🇦🇿  Efendi (Azerbaijan 2020/2021)
1:58  🇳🇱  Esma (Wiwiblogger from The Netherlands)
2:08  🇧🇬  Cinan (Wiwiblogger from Bulgaria)
2:54  🇦🇱  Anxhela Peristieri (Albania 2021)
3:19  🇦🇹  Vincent Bueno (Austria 2020/2021)
3:59  🇱🇻  Samanta Tina (Latvia 2020/2021)
4:57  🇨🇴  Diego (Wiwiblogger from Colombia)
5:16  🇫🇷  Oranie (Wiwiblogger from France)
5:48  🇱🇹  The Roop (Lithuania 2020)
6:01  🇬🇷  Stefania (Greece 2020/2021)
6:08  🇮🇪  Lesley Roy (Ireland 2020/2021)
6:26  🇳🇱  Jeangu (The Netherlands 2020/2021)
7:31  🇧🇾  VAL (Belarus 2020)
8:14  🇮🇸  Dadi (Iceland 2020/2021)
8:55  🇲🇩  Natalia Gordienko (Moldova 2020/2021)
9:10  🇲🇰  Vasil (North Macedonia 2020)
9:39  🇬🇧  Jonathan (Wiwiblogger from the UK)
10:18  🇬🇧  Katie (Wiwiblogger from the UK)
10:42  🇭🇷  Damir Kedzo (Croatia 2020)
10:53  🇦🇲  Athena Manoukian (Armenia 2020)
11:13  🇬🇧  Oliver (Wiwiblogger from the UK)
11:25  🇬🇪  Rezo (Wiwiblogger from Georgia)
11:35  🇨🇾  Tamta (Cyprus 2019)
11:48  🇪🇸  Miki Nunez (Spain 2019)
11:59  🇳🇿  Robyn (Wiwiblogger from New Zealand)
12:57  🇮🇸  Steinunn (Wiwiblogger from Iceland)
13:28  🇷🇴  Ester Peony (Romania 2019)
13:50  🇳🇴  KEiiNO (Norway 2019)
14:06  🇦🇿  Aisel (Azerbaijan 2018)
14:35  🇫🇷  Madame Monsieur (France 2018)
14:55  🇭🇷  Franka (Croatia 2018)
15:19  🇲🇹  Christabelle (Malta 2018)
15:29  🇬🇧  Tom (Wiwiblogger from the UK)
15:48  🇲🇰  Jana Burceska (North Macedonia 2017)
16:58  🇭🇷  Jacques Houdek (Croatia 2017)
17:54  🇫🇷  Alma (France 2017)
18:20  🇧🇬  Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria 2017)
19:15  🇺🇦  Jamala (Ukraine 2016, Eurovision winner)
19:29  🇪🇪  Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia 2016)
19:52  🇦🇺  Dami Im (Australia 2016)
20:06  🇦🇿  Samra (Azerbaijan 2016)
20:15  🇧🇬  Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2011/2016)
20:30  🇸🇮  Maraaya (Slovenia 2015)
20:55  🇵🇹  Suzy (Portugal 2014)
21:42  🇺🇸  Suzanne (Wiwiblogger from the USA)
21:54  🇩🇰  Emmelie de Forest (Denmark 2014, Eurovision Winner)
22:36 🇬🇧  Deban (Wiwiblogger from the UK)


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8 months ago

Happy New Year to everyone at Wiwi, thank you for your hard work over the year.

8 months ago

Thank you for this lovely message. I’m sitting here nursing a mild hangover and this certainly perked me up. Eurovision people are the best, great to see so many well known faces and I especially enjoyed Gjon’s Tears funny ditty and his hair gets bigger every time I see him. Happy New Year everyone!

8 months ago

Happy new year!

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
8 months ago

Happy 2021 for everyone !!

8 months ago

Happy New Year and thank you for the music!

Nobody Important
Nobody Important
8 months ago

Happy New year everyone! Hope your 2021 will be much better then this year! 2020 was a frying pan, let’s hope 2021 isn’t the fire.

8 months ago

Happy new year and best wishes for y’all William, Victoria, Gjon’s Tears, Elena, Efendi, Esma, Cinan, Anxhela, Vincent, Samanta, Diego, Oranie, The Roop, Stefania, Leslie, Jeangu, VAL, Daði, Natalia, Vasil, Jonathan, Katie, Damir, Athena, Oliver, Rezo, Tamta, Miki, Robyn, Steinunn, Ester, KEiiNO, Aisel, Madam Monsieur, Franka, Christabelle, Tom, Jana, Jacques, Alma, Kristian, Jamala, Juri, Dami, Samra, Poli, Maraaya, Suzy, Suzanne, Emmelie and Deban!

8 months ago

Has Athena been confirmed for 2021?

8 months ago

I’d hope so, and it has been implied in all but name several times since ESC was cancelled, though I feel that it might not be made official until after she releases power-ballad You Should Know on January 15 – she performed that song in gigs in Hannover before sending Chains to ESC, and it is 15 seconds too long. But maybe there could be an allusion to that happening and she really wants and deserves it, preferably with a song continuing her rnb niche and even with a line or 2 in Armenian, rather than a power ballad.