Last year fans went “Wild” for the sick choreography she dropped as she swung her body round and round. Now, ahead of Semi-Final 2 of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2021, Raylee says she’ll once again be busting out the moves.

“I have an amazing choreographer with me — Kersti,” she tells me. “She and I and the dancers have made an amazing choreography for this song ‘Hero.'”

Will it be as thrusting and, well, wild, as last year?

“It will be a bit different from ‘Wild’ actually. ‘Wild’ was more on the beat. Now we kind of have this story, so we are dancing in the lyrics, if you know what I mean. I will show you on Saturday.”

All those moves require a lot of work. But Raylee is known as a fitness queen and CrossFit devotee. How often does she she train?

“Normally I exercise a lot. Not this week — because I’m doing specific-only choreography for ‘Hero’. But normally I do one or two exercise [sessions] a day.”

Last year’s finale ended with an unfortunate voting glitch during the first round of voting. Raylee advanced to the gold final anyway. How long did it take for the smoke to clear and for her to decide on returning to MGP in 2021?

“I think I started thinking about coming back straight after the final last year, actually. I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have to do this again!'”

Her song “Hero” is a rebuke to 80s anthems that suggest women need saving — an idea laid out most clearly in the 1986 Bonnie Tyler hit “Holding Out for a Hero”. But Raylee tells the audience she does not need saving. Does she have any heroes anyway?

“Of course you should have those people you look up to — that’s great,  I also have that. But the most important thing is to believe in yourself…especially for the girls. Females. Go!”

Are you excited to see Raylee in action tonight? Do you think she could win all of MGP in 2021? Let us know down below!

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2 years ago

Wiwibloggs pushing the female vocalist with an upbeat song and no one else… what else is new?

Mr X
Mr X
2 years ago
Reply to  Pineaple

I have to yawn. It´s always the same. Very outdated and boring.sounds almost like a resurrection of Charlotte Perelli.