Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2021 reaches its fifth and final semi-final on Saturday 13 February. And while local fans can catch the country’s Eurovision selection by switching their televisions to NRK 1, international viewers will need to try alternative means.

Here’s when and how you can watch semi-final five of MGP 2021.

Watch Melodi Grand Prix 2021 online

Semi-Final 5 — 13 February 2021

Time: 19:55 CET to 21:15 CET

The programme will be streamed live on NRK’s dedicated Melodi Grand Prix portal. It will be available to watch worldwide and will remain online for catch-up viewing after the original broadcast. The selection concludes next Saturday, 20 February. There will also be a wildcard episode on Monday.

Click to Watch Melodi Grand Prix 2021 Semi-Final 5

This semi-final will see five acts perform — four semi-finalists and one pre-qualified act. The four semi-finalists are:

  • Ane.Fin “Walking In My Sleep”
  • TuVeia “Bli med meg på gar’n”
  • IMERIKA “I Can’t Escape”
  • RIVER “Coming Home”

The four acts will be split into two duelling pairs. The public will vote for their favourite in each duel, with the two winners progressing to the “Gold Duel”. The public will then vote once more. The winner of the gold duel will win the semi-final and qualify directly to the grand final. The eliminated acts will remain in contention for a wildcard spot in the final, which will be decided next week.

In addition to the duels, one pre-qualified act will perform:

  • Rein Alexander with“Eyes Wide Open”

Past Shows

Semi-final one saw Blåsemafian feat. Hazel nab a spot in the grand final with “Let Loose”. TIX and KEiiNO also showcased their pre-qualified entries. In the second semi, Raylee blew the competition away with “Hero”. Finalists Stavangerkameratene debuted “Barndomsgater”. Emmy took victory in the third show with “Witch Woods”. Kaja Rode premiered “Feel Again”. KiiM won semi-final four as Atle Pettersen sang “World on Fire”.

Will you be watching semi-final five in Norway? Which act are you most excited for? Let us know below.

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2 years ago

Best NF this year by far???? Strange to say as the NF selection process just has started for many countries.

2 years ago

That’s true, they really messed it up when it comes to the voting segment.
Interestingly even if Ulrikke was the best last year it went out to be a head-to-head race rather than a landslide win. I found that very unpredictable. Let’s see how Norway is gonna vote this time!

Last edited 2 years ago by Mircs
2 years ago

I’m so excited to see IMERIKA. I hope she will bring it all live and go to the final. The studio version is just soo good!