The Eurovision 2021 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 15

Arash (feat. Helena) – “Angels Lullaby”

Iranian-Swedish star Arash has regularly collaborated with Swedish singer Helena Jasefsson over the years. The pair have now released their seventh song together, titled “Angles Lullaby”. As usual, Helena sings her parts in English, while Arash performs in Persian; Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2009 act sings that he is glad to have Helena in his life: “In my opinion, you are a gift from God / Come to me and sing lullabies to me / Touching your body is a dream / I have you by my side, this is great”. Sonically, the track mixes angelic piano melodies with an ethno-house beat.

Ben Cristovao & IMT Smile – “MIESTO”

Ben Cristovao (aka Benny Cristo) knows that life will go on after Eurovision 2021 ends, so he’s making sure to keep up other musical endeavours ahead of the contest. The Czech star has recently collaborated with Slovak alternative-rock group IMT Smile for the new song “MIESTO” (The place). The song starts off slow and in an acoustic style, before it picks up with the addition of a reggae-style beat. In the lyrics, Cristovao and IMT Smile encourage their loved one to join them and escape from everyday life: “Come with me across the rivers / What can’t be passed / We will unite forever / So do it today / We will forget about the hustle and bustle of the earth”.

If you want even more from Ben, he also recently collaborated with Czech metal-rock band John Wolfhooker for the new song “Tidal Wave”.

Natalia Podolskaya – “Аяуаска”

Natalia Podolskaya has taken inspiration for her new single from “Аяуаска” (Ayahuasca) – a drink made from a South American vine of the same name that is used as spiritual medicine in traditional ceremonies of indigenous peoples from the Amazon rainforest. In the music video, Russia’s Eurovision 2005 representative dresses in colourful attire and pretends to concoct such a beverage, though there might be some debate over whether this veers towards cultural appropriation. The song itself is a catchy pop offering with a whistled-instrumental post-chorus that tries to bring an ethnic feel to proceedings. In the music video’s description, Podolskaya explains why she decided to take on this particular song:

“I like such multi-movers that make you think, listen. In addition to the trendy sound of this song, I really liked the lyrics. It is very attractive, unusual, catchy, with such peculiar hooks. She’s very summer. Listening to her I really want to go on vacation to the seashore. When I sing it, I imagine myself somewhere on a hot beach in Malibu, with a cocktail in my hands”

Benjamin Ingrosso – En gång i tiden (del 2)

Earlier this year, Benjamin Ingrosso released his first Swedish-language album, En gång i tiden (Once upon a time). Now the Eurovision 2018 alum is giving us del 2 (part 2). This latest LP features six songs along with an intro and outro. Ingorsso includes a cover of Sweden’s Eurovision 1969 entry “Judy min vän”, which he originally performed on TV show Så mycket bättre. Overall, the album is less about providing big pop hits and more about delivering a feeling of warmth and comfort, as Ingrosso explained on Instagram:

“I am very proud, very nervous & very grateful that I got the chance to make this record! It really means so much to me personally and I hope you really give it time while you listen! It should preferably be listened to from start to finish, sitting by the water or your very own favourite place !! For me, it is a collection of tracks that give hope and longing, something to listen to when you want to disappear for a while and be reminded of everything beautiful around you.”

Can Bonomo – “Kaplan”

Can Bonomo returns with the new single “Kaplan” (Tiger). It’s a slow indie-rock song that has a melancholic feel to it. The lyrics of “Kaplan” see Turkey’s Eurovision 2012 star discussing troubles with anxiety and addiction. Can Bonomo sings about how city life can make his head spin and the damage this has on his body and mind: “Don’t ask, my lungs are dead, there are narcotics in my pocket / Then I listened to this song that played in my head, without ever hearing it”.

Loïc Nottet, B.J. Scott & Woodie Smalls – “Start It from the End”

Loïc Nottet competed at Eurovision 2015 with the song “Rhythm Inside”. The song was written by Nottet himself alongside singer-songwriter B.J. Scott. This year, both artists featured as judges on The Voice Belgique and during the grand final they presented their new joint single “Start It from the End”. It’s a blues-rock track that also includes a rap verse courtesy of Belgian rapper Woodie Smalls. The lyrics of the song are all about the trio persevering with things after someone knocked them down: “Get it right, here we go again / Damn, damn, I’m tryna be your friend … Let’s start it from the end”.

Luca Hänni & Sunlike Brothers – “Durch die Nacht”

Swiss talent Luca Hänni has teamed up with music producers Sunlike Brothers for the new single “Durch die Nacht” (Through the Night). The verses serve up a dark-pop style before the chorus brings in more of a house-dance beat. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2019 star sings about his desire to dance with his lover all night long: “And I run through the night, I’m almost with you / I don’t know where to go yet, but I’m following you / When we finally see each other we dance / Until nights become days / Until clouds turn pink”. Luca has repeatedly showcased his dancing talent in his performances, and he does this once again in the music video for “Durch die Nacht”.

Verka Serduchka & DJ Mutter – “Disco Kicks” (Night Edit)

In September 2020, Verka Serduchka released the new EP Sexy in honour of Eurovision fans. Now the Ukrainian drag queen has released a remixed version of the EP’s song “Disco Kicks”. The ‘Night Edit’ of the track comes courtesy of DJ Mutter (i.e. Verka’s mother). This remix is naturally aimed at turning the song into a track that’s ready for the club. It strips out the 80s-inspired synths of the original and instead adds a solid beat drop with much more bass to it.

Ruth Lorenzo & Rayden – “El Mismo Puñal”

Spanish songstress Ruth Lorenzo is battling the fear of losing it all in her latest song. The Eurovision 2014 star has teamed up with rapper Rayden for the new single “El Mismo Puñal” (The Same Dagger). It’s a dynamic duet in which the pair discuss their insecurities about having to end a partnership that has faded away. This battle takes on a number of forms in the music video. In addition to fighting it out in the dark, Ruth and Rayden also sensually duel inside a bullring.

Sunstroke Project – “Белое”

Sunstroke Project have decided to mix things up for their new single “Белое” (White). Although the Moldovan duo are known for their fun and danceable tracks, this latest song slows things down and sees the two-time Eurovision stars deliver a ballad. Epic Sax Guy (Sergey Stepanov) is still very much present, but his saxophone stylings are more bluesy and jazzy. Vocalist Sergei Yalovitsky sings about couples that are intoxicated by love and the music that joins their hearts together: “Music like white, white, white wine / Spills to the beat of your heart, but / Time beckons us so deceptively anyway / Because music is like white, white, white wine”. The accompanying music video sees Yalovitsky enjoying time with his partner (and drinking a fair amount of white wine), while Epic Sax Guy plays for the seagulls along the coastline.

Mandinga – “No tengo dinero”

Mandinga continue to bring a fiery Latin-pop sound to their music. The Romanian band’s new song is “No tengo dinero” (I have no money). As always, Spanish singer Barbara Isasi leads most of the vocals, but there is also a rap verse courtesy of band member Alexander Himely. On social media, the Eurovision 2012 group explained that the song “is based on a real story of our days, in which we are too focused on unimportant material things and forget about love”.

Amir (feat. Indila) – “Carrousel”

In October last year, Amir released his new album Ressources, which included the song “Carrousel” featuring Indila. Now, the Eurovision 2016 star has released the song as his latest single along with a music video for the track. The music video is a proper affair; there’s a short intro before the music kicks in and the two French singers find themselves in the middle of a dessert with a fully functioning carrousel. The song itself blends together Amir and Indila’s musical styles, with the former revealing that his heart is all aflutter: “And I run, my heart is going back and forth / It’s the first time / I’ve found a ticket for her / In this carrousel”. Meanwhile, Indila sings about the commitment she needs in a relationship and that any partner must love her “until life’s final breath”.

Magdolna Rúzsa – Karma

Magdolna Rúzsa competed at Eurovision 2007 with the song “Unsubstantial Blues”. However, her new album Karma is less blue and more colourful. The LP features 14 songs, many of which have a danceable quality. Although pop may be the overarching genre, the songs do have diversity and bring in other elements such as rock, drum and bass, and of course a bit of retro 80s influence.

Shortly before the album’s release, Rúzsa released a music video for the single “Szembeszél” (Headwind). The video features clips of the Hungarian singer along with footage of people at a music festival. This matches the lyrical theme of the song, which is all about diving straight into summer: “From tomorrow, let’s see where the sun rises / The two of us squint under Margaret Bridge / From tomorrow, winter turns into eternal summer / And you can blow headwinds day and night”.

Artsvik – “Сердцем к небесам”

“The most sacred thing we have is our parents. Take care of them.” Artsvik recently took time to honour her father by releasing a new song in memory of him. Released on her father’s birthday, “Сердцем к небесам” (Heart to heaven) is a ballad that the Armenian singer delivers with a lot of emotion. The Eurovision 2017 star spoke on Instagram about what she hopes people will take away from the song:

“This is the first song in a long time, but it was important for me to wait for this special day to release a song dedicated to [my father] and God. Although he has not been with me for many years. I don’t expect rotations and charts, because the song is very personal. The only thing I want is for this song to resonate in your heart. To keep her warm, support you. And so that it would sound for all those who, unfortunately, are no longer with us.”

The New Victorians (feat. Michela) – “One More”

Michela brought all the colours of a chameleon to Eurovision 2019. But for her latest music video, the star is focusing purely on the colour pink. “One More” is a collaboration with sister duo The New Victorians. Michela adds her voice on top of the pairs to create some nice harmonies. Lyrically, the Maltese stars ask their lover if they can create some memories together before they have to go their separate ways: “Can we steal one more? / Just one more? / One more walk, before you leave / One more kiss, call me a thief”.

Basim (feat. Johnson & HEDEGAARD) – “Du Gør Det Godt”

Basim has been rather quiet on the music front for the past couple of years. But now, the Danish star is back with the catchy new track “Du Gør Det Godt” (You do it well). While the song is in Danish, it also utilises a few rhythms influenced by Basim’s Moroccan roots. The song features music producer HEDEGAARD and rapper Johnson. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2014 alum tells his lover that they’re doing everything right: “You do it well / The way you dance / Hey baby you must not stop / You do it well”.

Lake Malawi – “Shaka Zulu”

Lake Malawi recently announced the departure of drummer Antonín Hrabal from the group. But thankfully, vocalist Albert Černý and bassist Jeroným Šubrt are continuing on as a duo. The Eurovision 2019 stars have recently dropped the new single “Shaka Zulu”. It’s the first release as part of the band’s High-Tide Series, which Albert notes “is a project we have been preparing for a long time to release songs more regularly with more creative freedom! I realized I am writing new songs all the time and although some of them are not huge radio singles, they mean something to me and I want to share them with you!”. “Shaka Zulu” is an indie-pop track that the Czech singer wrote about…a cat. Albert explains more in the music video:

“I wrote this this song back in 2013 when we were staying in London in a house with John and Ahmad, who have been together for over 35 years. Instead of children, they used to have these nine cats. One of the cats, called Shaka Zulu, kept staring at me like this, and one day I woke up at 6am and wrote this song about him.”

Jan Johansen – “The Words I Left Unspoken”

Eurovision 1995 star Jan Johansen brings us “The Words I Left Unspoken”. It’s a country-pop ballad that progresses steadily through its duration. The Swedish star sings about the difficulty of telling his partner that he wants to go separate ways and his regret for not voicing his feelings sooner: “But I don’t have the strength to say goodbye / Though I know I can’t conceal it / Thinking of all those years gone by / It all hurts and I don’t need it / Through the eyes of a tiger I tried to hold my tears / The words I left unspoken keep ringing through my ears”.

Dilara Kazimova (feat. Elşad Xose) – “Əsl Sevgi”

Dilara Kazimova says her latest song is “For those who know the value of true love”. The Azeri singer showcases another string to her musical bow with the R&B-pop track. “Əsl Sevgi” (True Love) also sees the Eurovision 2014 star collaborating with rapper Elşad Xose.

PAENDA, Adam Bü & Moodygee (feat. Riley Kun) – “All 2 You”

Austrian singer PAENDA recently began collaborating alongside DJs Adam Bü and Moodygee. And now the trio have released their second single together. “All 2 You” is an EDM track that aims to give the listener some early summery vibes. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2019 star sings about the instant connection she had with someone upon meeting them: “Heaven moved closer, the moment I met you / Now I can’t forget you, no / You lit up the world for me / Burned it down carefully / I-I-I, I gave my all to you”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Match made in Heaven … Amir & Indila! OMG…

3 years ago

Amazing list ! I loved Artvsik and Luca Hanni songs.. Also congratulations Can Bonomo , he became a father on the same day with his new song

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3 years ago

I really like the pop sound of The New Victorians. Also, the dramatic ballads from Artsvik and Sunstroke Project are captivating…

3 years ago

Benjamin’s album is absolutely gorgeous! I also love Lake Malawi’s song, very heartfelt;)