Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2021 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 42

Francesco Gabbani – “Einstein (E=mc²)”

Italy’s Francesco Gabbani has often included philosophical and scientific thoughts in the lyrics of his songs. And now, the Eurovision 2017 star has decided to make reference to theoretical physicist Albert Einstein in his latest single. “Einstein (E=mc²)” is a re-worked version of the opening track to Gabbani’s recent album Viceversa. Einstein is most famous for developing the theory of relativity, and it’s this that Gabbani discusses in the piano ballad: “Einstein who tells me everything is relative / Your fixed point is no reason / Einstein who tells me what the hell are you doing Francesco”.

Tamta and Mente Fuerte – “Den Eisai Edo”

Tamta has teamed up with rapper Mente Fuerte on the new Greek-language track “Den Eisai Edo” (“You’re not here”). A mid-tempo blend of pop and hip-hop influences, Cyprus’ Eurovision 2019 star provides most of the vocals, but Mente Fuerte delivers some rap stylings in between. The duo sing about the hole they feel in their hearts when the other isn’t there with them: “You’re not here / I feel this emptiness / Another body how to hug? / And how will I spend this night?”. The music video is set to be released tomorrow, 19 October.

Guy Sebastian – T.R.U.T.H.

We’re now very much into album season, with a number of Eurovision stars set to release their new LPs over the next couple of months. This includes Australia’s Guy Sebastian, who has now dropped his ninth studio album T.R.U.T.H.. Containing 12 songs, fans will recognise pre-release singles “Before I Go”, “Choir”, “Standing With You”, “If He Won’t” and “Love On Display”. Through these and the new tracks, there’s an overarching soulful-pop sound to the record, with the Eurovision 2015 star utilising his vocal ability to convey the emotion of the tracks to the listener. Speaking on Instagram upon the album’s release, Sebastian commented about what he wanted to present with this new record:

“I wanted to create something that was about my life, the things that I’ve been through and my truths. I know who I am and I’m unashamed, I’m not trying to be something that I’m not. I learned A LOT about myself. I learned A LOT about others. I learned that if you let the actions of others permanently tarnish your view of humanity, ultimately you lose. If your faith in the goodness of people doesn’t recover, it can stop the RIGHT people from coming into your life. More than anything I’ve learned the importance of having the right team around you, and what great things can be achieved when you do. This one’s for you, I hope you love it.”

Anna Odobescu – “My Oh My”

Many Eurovision stars try to not let their entry at the contest define the musical style of their career thereafter. Anna Odobescu is certainly showing off another side of herself with her new single “My Oh My”. Moldova’s Eurovision 2019 singer leaves the dramatic ballad behind and turns the tempo up with a catchy pop offering that utilises some influences of traditional instrumentation in the post-chorus. Odobescu sings to her lover and tells them that their love has got her heating up: “My Oh My / Burning fever overnight / My believer / My Oh My / Every day now”.

Amir – Ressources

Another album release this week comes courtesy of Amir. France’s Eurovision 2016 star has dropped Ressources, his fourth LP. Amir took a break from the music scene in November 2019 to write the next chapter of his life, and this has now resulted in Ressources. The 19-track album features a mix of French-pop songs ranging from mid-tempo/danceable tracks, such as “La fête” and “On verra bien”, to slower emotional ballads, like “Toi” and “Ma lumière”. There are also a number of collaborations on the album, including “Passer” with Eurovision 2019 interval act Idan Raichel Project and “Carrousel” with Indila, who is regularly on Eurovision fans’ wish lists to appear at the contest. Overall, Amir delivers a nice collection of tracks that complement each other and his vocal style well.

Edsilia Rombley – “In Balans”

Although Edsilia Rombley may have to wait an extra year before she can host Eurovision, the Dutch star has continued releasing new music in meantime. The Eurovision 1998 and 2007 star has this week released “In Balans” (“In Balance”). It’s an upbeat pop song that builds on the retro 80’s synth-pop trend that has been popular in 2020. Rombley sings about leaving the past behind and deciding to do new things that truly make you happy. The singer notes in the audio video’s description: “Everyone sometimes gets up with the feeling: Today I’m going to do everything differently. If you want to make a change, it starts with yourself”.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – “Holding My Breath”

While Ryan O’Shaughnessy may be best known for acoustic-guitar pop ballads, the Irish singer’s growth as an artist has now lead him to switch things up a bit. “Holding My Breath” is an alternative-R’n’B track with a mixture of percussion beats. The Eurovision 2018 star sings about how, despite knowing that things won’t end up well, he still ends up falling for the same person over and over again: “Holding my breath ‘cos you ask me to / Kicking myself ‘cos you got me feeling / Here we go again, you can’t come through / Holding my breath for you”.

Hovig – “Ο Ήρωας Σου”

Hovig was aiming to be the gravity beneath his loved one’s feet at Eurovision 2017. But now, the Cypriot singer is defying gravitational constraints and hoping to lift his lover up as their hero and guardian angel, singing: “I want to be your hero / Let me always stay close to you / Never hurt me”. “Ο Ήρωας Σου” (“Your Hero”) is a piano and drum-driven ballad that Hovig co-wrote himself. The star noted on Instagram that he felt now was the time for him to release the song and he dedicates it to those looking for a hero in these difficult times:

“A ballad that I wrote and love for many years. This year, I felt the need to share it with you. At a time when we are all looking for a hero, I dedicate it to you. I hope you connect with it, as I did and I do.”

Halott Pénz (feat. Magdi Rúzsa) – “Szeretni, akit nem lehet”

Magdolna “Magdi” Rúzsa features on the new song “Szeretni, akit nem lehet” (“To love someone who cannot”) by music group Halott Pénz. Hungary’s Eurovision 2007 star provides vocals for the chorus of the moody hip-hop track. As the title hints, the lyrics are about the effort of loving someone who doesn’t feel able to reciprocate the feelings: “If you don’t come to me / Then I will go to you / Because I have to live / My life / But what a life it is / If you only want one thing / To love / Someone who cannot”. This themes is continued into the music video, where we see a man head out on a journey to add some happiness into the life of the person he loves by building her a rope swing.

Timothy Jaromir (feat. Rykka) – “Afterglow”

Switzerland’s Eurovision 2016 singer Rykka has been a long-time collaborator with Zürich-based singer-songwriter Timothy Jaromir. Now, the two have teamed up once again on the new single “Afterglow”, an indie guitar-driven track. Jaromir leads the singing, with Rykka providing some background vocals in the chorus.

Yulia Savicheva – “Доктор Хаус”

Russia’s Yulia Savicheva is putting out a message of hope in her new song. “Доктор Хаус” (“Doctor House”) is a guitar-driven ballad that grows in the chorus to add contrast to the softer verses. The Eurovision 2004 alum sings about the emotions that people have felt both over the past months and before then while dealing with hard times. Savicheva hopes that the song will provide support for people who feel down and let them know that things will become better in the future:

“The first time I listened to the demo of this song, it really hit me. I understood for sure that this is exactly what I want to say now. I didn’t think about the pandemic that fell on us, I thought about the states that everyone experienced – depression, disappointment, loss. This song is like an inner voice insisting that everything will be fine. If you feel that something is going wrong or you are confused and in search of yourself, then this song is for you.”

Joci Pápai and Begi Lotfi – “Kicsit őrült”

Joci Pápai delivered some emotional performances at Eurovision 2017 and 2019 influenced by his Romani descent. But, for his latest single the Hungarian singer is swapping out the Romani influences for an electronic dance beat. “Kicsit őrült” (“A bit crazy”) sees Pápai team up with music producer Begi Lotfi, who is also a member of Hungary’s Eurovision 2012 group Compact Disco. Over the top of the electro-pop sound, Pápai sings about a woman he has feelings for but who is not so loyal to him: “Tell me why you do it? / You don’t mind anymore / For there is another who embraces just now … This girl is a little crazy today / It’s his fault”. The accompanying music video sees Lotfi behind the decks while Pápai is on the dancefloor.

Ruth Jacott – “Bier En Wijn”

Sometimes timing is just not on our side. Dutch Eurovision 1993 star Ruth Jacott recently released her new country-rock single “Bier En Wijn” (“Beer and Wine”), a cover of Lady A’s “Champagne Night”. While Jacott wanted to release a positive song to uplift people, the Netherlands have recently implemented an alcohol curfew to curb the spread of Covid-19. Thus, the Eurovision alum has decided to withdraw the single for the time being, deciding that it wasn’t an appropriate time to be singing about alcohol. The song is still available on streaming services elsewhere, but the music video will now be released at a later date.

Ruslan Alehno – “Если бы не ангелы”

Ruslan Alehno has dropped the music video for his recent single “Если бы не ангелы” (“If not for the angels”). In the MV, Belarus’ Eurovision 2008 singer spends the day out in the countryside with his partner and their daughter. They decide to venture out along some beautiful, and seemingly rather windy, cliffs. The lyrics of the soft-rock ballad are also devoted to Alehno’s loved ones, with the star singing: “If not for the angels that fly into the light / We would fall together like yesterday’s snow / If not for the angels, where I don’t know myself / God rewrote our thoughts”.

Jacques Houdek – “Srce pamti zauvijek”

Jacques Houdek’s most recent single is “Srce pamti zauvijek” (“The heart remembers forever”). The track is predominantly driven by percussion instrumentation, but there are also electronic flourishes and vocoder backing vocals subtly included in the post-chorus. Croatia’s Eurovision 2017 star sings about how a person’s heart will always recall the good and bad times that it has gone through in life.

James Fox – “Fire and Coal”

James Fox represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision in 2004. However, the Welsh singer is looking back even further for his latest single “Fire and Coal”. It’s a soft-rock track that sees Fox reminiscing about his childhood, discussing his mental health and how music helped lift him up to new heights: “I lived with all the pain about the way I was designed / But I survived / I survived and I’ve shined / I’ve shined / ‘Cos I was raised on fire and coal / Music saved my soul / From the heart of the valleys / Backstreets and the alleys made me whole”. The music video is focused around the Eurovision alum’s childhood bedroom, with clips of modern-day Fox singing from the room interspersed by others of a boy acting as the star’s younger self.

Max Barskih – 1990

The runner-up of Ukraine’s 2012 national final, Max Barskih has certainly turned silver into gold (and platinum) throughout his music career. The star has now released his sixth studio album, 1990, which contains 12 tracks. The LP features a mixture of synth- and dance-pop tracks, such as “Лей, не жалей” and “По секрету”, but also gets grittier at times with dark ballads including “Небо льёт дождем”. Barskih delivers an album that takes the current synth-pop trend and pushes it the extra mile with his natural charisma – something he’s ultimately been doing for a number of years now, before the trend even became a thing.

Oscar Zia – “Vill ha dig nu”

Oscar Zia is bringing a smooth synth-pop sound with his new track “Vill ha dig nu” (“I want you now”) that quickly becomes an earworm from the very first listen. The Melodifestivalen 2016 runner-up sings about how his relationship with a certain other person has become a sort of addition. He knows that things won’t work out long term, but he still wants them in the here and now: “I want you now / So hard not to / Now is like nicotine / But I can quit whenever I want”.

ILIRA – “Eat My Brain”

After competing in Switzerland’s Eurovision 2011 selection show Die grosse Entscheidungs Show, ILIRA has since made it clear that she doesn’t plan on ever making an appearance at the contest. Nevertheless, the Swiss star continues to release some great new singles. Her latest is “Eat My Brain”, a catchy electro-dance song. In a post on Instagram, ILIRA talked about the meaning behind the song:

“Eat My Brain has been a favourite of mine ever since I wrote it. It’s about having dark and twisted thoughts that basically eat up your brain. I grew up listening to Nirvana. Kurt Cobain died the year I was born, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to realise his personal journey and struggles. When he took his own life at only 27, he left a suicide note addressed to his imaginary friend who he named Boddah. I’ve always wondered what kind of inner monologues Kurt Cobain must have had with Boddah. It’s scary how our inner voice can take us to very, very dark places. This song is dedicated to my own inner voice.”

Malou Prytz – “Tik Tok”

At first glimpse of the title, one would naturally expect Malou Prytz’s new song “Tik Tok” to be about the rise of the similarly named social media app. However, it in fact has nothing to do with viral videos, but instead the tick-tock of a clock. The two-time Melodifestivalen contestant waits for her lover, singing: “Tick-tock on the clock / Yeah, you got me waitin’ … Monday every day / Always got me waitin’ / Five days ’til the weekend / Come and save me”. Sonically, Prytz delivers an infectious pop offering that ultimately feels like it would have been a more natural follow-up Melfest entry to “I Do Me” than “Ballerina” was.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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