Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 23

Mahmood – Ghettolimpo

Mahmood first teased that he was working on his second album in January 2020. A year and a half later, now fans finally have the full EP to enjoy. Titled Ghettolimpo, the album features 14 songs, including pre-release singles “Rapide”, “Dorado”, “Inuysha”, “Zero”, and “Klan”. The album has an urban feel running through it, with a strong selection of hip-hop and pop-leaning songs that span upbeat swagger to slow ballads. To coincide with the release, Italy’s Eurovision 2019 star has also dropped a music video for the LP’s newest single “Kobra”. Mahmood noted on social media about the journey he’s been on while writing Ghettolimpo:

“2 years. I’ve been carrying these songs inside of me for over two years, trying to understand what was changing my life. […] In these two years I’ve understood that I can’t be what people expect of me and sometimes, I’ve blamed myself for it. When I was a child I used to read, over and over, the same book about Greek mythology, and I’ve always imagined a world where Gods and mortals could meet. I would have never thought that, on a plane to Tunis, I would have started writing the first verses of this world.”

Duncan Laurence – “Heaven Is A Hand To Hold”

After his Eurovision 2019 winning song “Arcade” climbed the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Duncan Laurence clearly benefited by making some connections within the music industry of the United States. The Dutch star has co-written the new song “Heaven Is A Hand To Hold”, which features on the soundtrack for season two of American romantic drama series Love, Victor. There’s a strong beat running through the indie-pop song that gives it drive, while the chorus adds in extra atmospheric  layers of production. Duncan’s vocals then bring the song together for an emotional yet airy feel.

Anxhela Peristeri – “Nuk Me Doje”

Following on from her participation at Eurovision 2021, Anxhela Peristeri has released the new single “Nuk Me Doje” (“You Didn’t Love Me”). Much like the Albanian star’s Eurovision entry, this latest song is a strong ballad that’s infused with elements of traditional ethnic instrumentation. Anxhela declares that it would be better if her partner left her, instead of hurting her in a loveless relationship: “Ah I got upset with you / How much I got upset with you / Aah even you didn’t love me, you didn’t say it”. The music video features the Albanian singer tying her lover to a chair and confronting him.

Daði Freyr – “Somebody Else Now”

“Me and Árný were in covid isolation for 2 weeks so we decided to make a music video for Somebody Else Now”. And the result is just as quirky and fun as you might expect from Iceland’s Daði Freyr. “Somebody Else Now” comes from the Eurovision 2021 star’s latest EP Welcome. Using green screen technology, the Icelandic artist uses his head, hands, hair and more to create a variety of animals. Daði rides through this world before ascending up to the sun. In the lyrics of the electro-pop song, Daði encourages us all to open our minds to other views and tells us not to be afraid of change: “There’s no need to get upset / I promise you, you won’t regret / Opening your mind / Just a little bit / I never thought I needed change / But it makes me proud to say / That I’m somebody else now”.

Franka – “Preživjet ću”

Franka is the latest Eurovision star to bring us an 80s-inspired single. “Preživjet ću” (“I will survive”) is a dynamic track that lets Croatia’s 2018 representative deliver a full pop-diva performance with a bit of edge to it. Franka sings about those people that have been hurt by someone they love but who have survived and come out stronger on the other side. Meanwhile, the Croatian singer commented underneath the music video about how this latest song helped push her usual musical boundaries:

“It somehow signifies a new me, more mature, more concrete, more adult and clearer. I dare say the song pulled some new, more interesting things out of me, which I didn’t even know I had! The song is modern in production and different, with the music producer’s vision to make the dance rhythm of the 80’s sound today.”

Eric Saade – “Like U Used To”

Eurovision 2011 bronze medallist Eric Saade brings us the new song “Like U Used To”. It’s a catchy pop track with a slightly warmer and more summery feel to it compared to his recent Melfest 2021 entry. The Swedish star discusses how he’s happy to move on from someone who isn’t showing him the same commitment as before: “Gotta know if you’re dancing with me or alone / Moving slow, but I’m feeling good all on my own / You don’t love me like you used to”. In a post on Instagram, Eric explained more about the background behind the song:

“When we wrote this song, it felt ‘okay’ that I had just gone through a difficult time. It bothered me like no longer… I stopped thinking, stopped caring. Defeats can be positive.”

Michael Schulte & YouNotUs – “Bye Bye Bye”

Michael Schulte is bringing us a dance-pop track to add to our summer party playlists. The Eurovision 2018 star has teamed up with German DJ duo YouNotUs for “Bye Bye Bye”. Michael’s indie-pop style is showcased in the verses, but the chorus then adds in a dance beat courtesy of YouNotUs. In the lyrics, the Eurovision alum sings about how he misses his loved one when they have to leave him during the week. But when the weekend comes, they’re able to escape and spend time together: “These days they always take you miles away / But now we leave it all behind, oh-oh-oh / From Hamburg to LA / Amsterdam to Saint-Tropez / Maybe we can run away / And then bye, bye, bye”.

Brendan Murray – “Deep Fake”

Deepfake technology is where a person in a particular image or video is replaced with someone else of a similar likeness. Brendan Murray uses this as the theme of his new single. Ireland’s Eurovision 2017 star discusses how his perpetual habit to try and act like the sort of person people want him to be on social media results in him not being his true self: “Why can’t I be myself instead of chasing likes / Never seem to get it right / It’s like I’m Deep Fake / Cause I can’t ever figure out / If I’m just afraid of f***ing up and falling down”. Sonically, “Deep Fake” is a solid indie-pop track underlined by an acoustic guitar rhythm, but which also brings in extra production for the chorus.

Madame Monsieur – “Quelqu’un pour toi”

If you’re ever stuck in traffic, then Madame Monsieur have a new single that can help you pass the time. “Quelqu’un pour toi” (“Someone for you”) is a French pop song that flows along at a steady pace with Émilie Satt’s soft vocals layered on top. In the music video we see the Eurovision 2018 duo stuck in a jam, which is later revealed to be caused by two people who have found their special someone.

The Mamas – “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”

No doubt many people have been planning what they will be wearing whilst enjoying a dip in the pool this summer. And now we know that The Mamas will be donning an “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”. The Swedish Eurovision 2020 trio have released a cover of the classic song, which was originally released in 1960 by Brian Hyland. Ashley, Loulou and Dinah bring their warmth and charm to the song, but they also hope to highlight the issue of body shaming, as they outline on social media:

“Even though it’s a song with playful lyrics wrapped in a fun summery beat, it comes with an important message about the journey from body shaming to body positivity; a modern take on a classic tale of the perfect beauty standards and impossible societal norms that affect our confidence, image and self-worth, and how to break away from them. From ‘in the locker she wanted to stay’, to ‘showing her curves, honey she came to SLAY!'”

Ben Cristovao – “Sbohem”

Ben Cristovao (aka Benny Cristo) celebrated his birthday on 8 June. On the same day, the Czech star dropped the new song “Sbohem” (“Goodbye”). Ben notes that the upcoming EP the song is from is set to say “Sbohem” to one part of his life. The song is a mid-tempo offering that blends the Eurovision 2021 star’s usual hip-hop style with a more soft-rock feel to the chorus.

Ben has also recently released the project “ZLOBIVÁ” (“Naughty”), which he’s been working on since late 2019. The Czech rapper teams up with music production team The Glowsticks and video designer Aaron Hořínek.

Dino Merlin – “Jedan dan, jedna noć”

“A song that has a special place in my heart, just like the true event that inspired me to write it; this is a love story that never stops”, commented Dino Merlin ahead of the release of his new single. The Bosnian star sings about how he wishes he could forever have “Jedan dan, jedna noć” (“One more day, one more night”) with his loved one: “I feel the same way / Like the first time you touched me / They say time changes everything / But we can’t see that / Because people are not stars / That can live for centuries / But one day, one day, just one more day / God, give us only a day”. Musically, the single is a pop-rock ballad that really builds throughout its five-minute duration. The two-time Eurovision alum starts off accompanied by piano before later being joined by a band and backing choir,

Ivi Adamou & Stavento – “Gia Sena”

Ivi Adamou has been in a relationship with Michalis Kouinelis from hip-hop group Stavento since 2013. It’s been just over two years since the pair collaborated musically, but now they’ve released another song together. “Gia Sena” is a summertime hip-hop track in which Cyprus’ Eurovision 2012 star joins Michalis in singing to a special person they’d do everything for: “But at the end of my night I would not change you / For the world, I did not exchange gold for you […] For you alone I will do it again / And let me not know where it will end up”. The artwork for the single adds extra depth to the lyrics, as it features an image of Ivi and Michalis’ daughter Anatoli-Nefeli.

Sergej Ćetković – “Kofer”

Sergej Ćetković proved he was a master of the Balkan ballad by helping Montenegro to qualify to the Eurovision grand final for the first time in 2014. Now the star has released another beautiful song of this variety with his new single “Kofer” (“Suitcase”). The song tells the story of someone who decides it’s time to pack up and leave their partner after they seemingly cheated: “When you drop anchor in someone else’s sea / I know you’re theirs / When you say “it’s good,” I know best / That nothing is good / Here, I take my suitcase and go”. This is shown further in the music video, where a woman takes off in the middle of the night after being made aware of what her partner has done.

ELDAR & Ömər Bəbirli – “Sehrli Dünya”

The 1 June is Children’s Day in former Soviet Union countries such as Azerbaijan. For the day this year, Eurovision 2011 winner ELDAR teamed up for a duet with child singer Ömər Bəbirli. They released “Sehrli Dünya” (“Magic World”), a steady ballad with a classic feel to it. In a short post on Instagram, ELDAR spoke about his hope for the younger generations:

“If we want to see our children happy, we must raise them in love. ️ Happy International Children’s Day, my children. This is a small gift for our children”.

Voltaj – “Copile”

Romania also celebrates Children’s Day at the start of June. To honour the occasion, Voltaj released the new song “Copile” (“Children”). There’s a piano melody underlying the entire song, but the band also bring in other instrumentation at points to give the track some more light and shade. The Eurovision 2015 alumni tell the children of today to keep reaching for the stars and to retain their sense of wonder even when they grow up: “It doesn’t matter how high you get / It is important to climb, happiness is on the way […] Don’t lose them hard, stay until the end / That child with an infinite soul / I will be here”.

Amber – Amber:1991

We’ve had a number of single releases from Amber over the past couple of years, but now the Maltese star has finally given us a full album to enjoy. The Eurovision 2015 singer has released Amber:1991 (1991 being the year that Amber was born). It features 12 songs, including previous singles “Alive”, “Dance The Night Away”, “Free (Nana’s Song)” and “Put Away Your Money”. This LP fully showcases Amber’s musical growth since competing at Eurovision. Although she appeared at the contest with a power ballad, Amber:1991 is full of pop songs that bring in varying musical influences (alternative, retro, R&B, Cuban and more).

Nina Badric – “Ja jos uvijek imam istu zelju”

Nina Badric brings a jazzy touch to her latest single “Ja jos uvijek imam istu zelju” (“I still have the same desire”). Opening with a brief sax solo, Croatia’s Eurovision 2012 star then delivers an upbeat number underlined with a consistent tambourine beat. Nina sings in front of a retro American cinema and diner for the music video, which also features clips of a couple spending time together. In the lyrics, the Croatian singer wishes that everyone can be as happy as this couple: “I still have the same desire / That we are healthy to love each other / May our days pass in joy / Let us be alive, let us exist”.

Birgit, The Swingers & Mikk Saar – “See vana number”

Eurovision 2013 star Birgit continues her musical journey as a member of The Swingers, who she competed with at Eesti Laul 2019. Although Birgit would usually sing alongside fellow Estonian Eurovision star Tanja, this time they’ve brought in male vocalist Mikk Saar (who also happens to be Tanja’s husband). “See vana number” (“This old number”) is a relatively mid-tempo offering, but it still manages to retain the happy swing feel of the group’s music. Lyrically, Birgit and Mikk tell the story of two people reminiscing about how they met when they were younger before life took them on their individual paths: “But I still live here / Same address as in the morning / We were able to sing around the campfire / Friends, I have this old number”.

TANJA – “Paar Sammu Veel”

Speaking of TANJA, she has recently released a solo single. Estonia’s Eurovision 2014 representative dropped “Paar Sammu Veel” (“A Few Steps More”). It’s a fun and summery disco track with plenty of scope for dancing along. The video sees a cartoon version of TANJA up amongst the clouds in a world full of retro boomboxes, record players and disco mirror balls.

ela. – “Zusammen”

Germany’s ela. competed at Eurovision as part of Elaiza in 2014. She’s since started a solo career and her latest single is “Zusammen”. It’s a great pop song with a cheery chorus and an uplifting message. The German star sings to everyone who feels out of place in this world and how we can support each other by sticking together: “We know how it is / When you are different / No matter what you do, I’m proud of you / Envy – we don’t know that / Beautiful together / Strong together / Great together / Cohesion”. In the accompanying music video, ela. features in four differently coloured settings symbolising music, nature, communication and reflection.

PAENDA, Moodygee & Rocco – “Sanctuary”

Austria’s PAENDA might be more accustom to releasing electro-pop music, but that hasn’t stopped her from turning the bpm right up and delving into dance music. The Eurovision 2019 star continues her collaboration with music producer Moodygee, and this time they’ve also teamed up with Rocco. “Sanctuary” is a full-on EDM track that’s no doubt been crafted with dance parties and clubs in mind. Although lyrics aren’t necessarily the most important aspect of dance music, PAENDA nonetheless tells her friends that she’ll be there for whenever they need some support: “Call on me / I’m all you need / In times of sadness / I am your sanctuary”.

Gunvor – “Swiss Happiness” (and more)

Gunvor is hoping you’re in the mood to dance, as the star has released five new singles over recent weeks. The Eurovision 1998 act brings us “Tap Girl”, “Swiss Choc”, “Rolex Moment”, “Swiss Happiness” and “Swiss Mountain”. They’re all somewhat dated, though they at least give off different vibes. And if it wasn’t clear from the titles, Gunvor proudly represented Switzerland when she competed at Eurovision.

Alyona Lanskaya – “Иногда бывает”

Alyona Lanskaya recently dropped the new single “Иногда бывает” (“It happens sometimes”). Belarus’ Eurovision 2013 representative delivers a simple pop song with a breezy feel to it. There is also a key change included at the end that helps take things in a somewhat new direction during the final moments.

Deep Zone Project & Miro – “Iskam da e lyato”

Two Bulgarian Eurovision acts join forces for this next song. Deep Zone Project (ESC 2008) and Miro (ESC 2010) deliver the summer dance single “Iskam da e lyato” (“I want it to be summer”). Thankfully, their wish has been granted and we’re now able to dance away to the song underneath the summer sun. The music video is filled with clips of people enjoying themselves at various summer parties.

In addition to this group track, Dian Solo (one member of Deep Zone Project has also dropped the song “Yunache” with vocalist Savina). Meanwhile, Miro has also recently released his new album, titled Мироглед.

Big Daddy Karsten – “Now We Up”

Here’s a pride month bonus for you. Norway’s Big Daddy Karsten, the country’s first openly gay rapper, appeared at Bergen pride on 11 June. On the same day, the MGP 2021 act released the new song “Now We Up”. In a press release, Big Daddy Karsten notes:

“‘Now we up’ is a song that brings you along the ride for some of the most painful and beautiful things we experience in life. From feeling anxiety, isolation and depression to your friends picking you up, distracting you from the pain and helps you reclaim your smile.  This is a song that without question reflects the time that we live in but also gives us a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

I’ve been thinking about Daði’s music video a bit more than the healthy amount. Too ICONIC

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Seems to me that these new songs haven’t been uploaded to your Spotify list yet?

2 years ago

some very strong songs in this bunch!!

i’ll get back to dadi’s video again after a few drinks ^^

2 years ago

Mahmood album is just firrrre. He’s a pitch above the vast majority of EuroStars.

I particularly liked Bacci Della Tunisia

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Mahmood’s new album deserves a separate article.

2 years ago

I love the new song from Anxhela Peristeri. Mmh, or maybe it’s just the extremely sexy guy besides her in the video… 🙂

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Mahmood – just the best!

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