Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 24

Hadise – “Hay Hay”

tw// suicide. Hadise is delving into a difficult but important topic for her latest single. “Hay Hay” (“Alright then”) is a dramatic Turkish pop song with a consistent beat underlying the verses and chorus. The lyrics see the Eurovision 2009 singer wondering what the best method would be to forget her failed relationship: “Alright then, let’s part ways, bye bye / How can we forget those days? Count them / It’s okay now but then it’s always wow, always wow”. For the music video, Hadise tells the story of Evelyn Francis Mchale. An American bookkeeper, she took her own life by jumping off the Empire State Building in 1947. A photo of Evelyn lying on top of the car that she fell onto has since been termed “the most beautiful suicide”. Hadise discusses the video’s story further in a post on Instagram, in which she encourages women to never give up despite the pain they may be feeling:

“The story of all the women who spend their lives fighting and struggling. The story of women who walk without getting tired, who stand up with their own power even if they fall to the ground, only to be defeated by themselves. […] Everyone should never stop writing their own story, continuing to live with their pain and happiness.”

Sarah McTernan – “Heavy On My Heart”

After reaching #5 on the Irish Homegrown Charts with her previous single, Sarah McTernan is back with another dance track for us to enjoy this summer. For “Heavy On My Heart”, the Irish singer turns things up towards banger level, and there’s clear influences of the work from Becky Hill and Sigala. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2019 star is finally moving on from a person who wasn’t good for her: “It took me a moment / But now I’m on my way / I don’t need to feel the way I did when / You were heavy on my heart”. In a press release, Sarah goes into more detail about the song’s message:

“‘Heavy On My Heart’ is about overcoming obstacles in love in order to find the love within yourself. A broken heart can create strength and happiness within, when you let go of the people weighing you down. It’s an anthem for anybody that has walked away from a negative situation, that are now fulfilling the best version of themselves.”

Marco Mengoni – “Ma stasera”

Italy’s Marco Mengoni might love a good ballad at the best of times, “Ma stasera” (“But tonight”) he just wants to dance. The Eurovision 2013 star brings us a proper bop with his latest single. It has a hint of the retro 80s musical trend, but it’s still very much a great song in its own identity. In the lyrics, Marco addresses someone he messed up a relationship with and who he wishes he could spend the night with: “And even though I looked for you as a perfect illusion / I come towards you, this night I wish it were eternal / But tonight run fast, I hardly see you / And to reach you so as not to let you go”.

Glennis Grace & Tino Martin – “Zonder Jou”

Glennis Grace recently joined fellow Dutch singer Tino Martin for an acoustic session at Holland Casino. The pair performed the ballad “Zonder Jou” (“Without You”), which they have also released as a single. Glennis, who represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2005, kicks the song off. Tino then takes over for the second verse and the two singers come together for the big climax of the duet.

Stella Mwangi – “Eyes off Me”

Eurovision 2011 star Stella Mwangi returns with the explicit track “Eyes off Me”. The Kenyan-Norwegian artist delivers a deep hip-hop song with an electro-hop chorus that lets Stella showcase her lyrical abilities. She raps about her dating life and how she always pulls the attention: “Here, sipping D.O.M. in my zone / And you / Can’t take your eyes off me”.

Poli Genova – “No More”

If you’re after a bubbly summer pop tune then Eurovision 2016 alum Poli Genova has you covered with “No More”. Poli takes a cue from Rafał and tells her lover to join her on the journey through life: “I can see it in your eyes / That you want to take this ride / Jump into my ride now / You don’t ever have to worry no more”. In reality, the Bulgarian star already has a special someone that’s joining her for the ride. Indeed, the man that features alongside Poli in the music video is her real-life partner Joseph Chardon. Poli spoke more about this new song on social media:

“This is a very personal and special project for me. I hope that the story we tell will inspire everyone to rediscover their freedom and remind us to appreciate our loved ones by enjoying the little moments with them. Thanks to the wonderful team behind ‘No More’. I hope the song brings wonderful summer emotions to everyone.”

Getter Jaani & Koit Toome – “Valged Ööd X”

Ten years ago, Getter Jaani and Koit Toome released the summer smash hit “Valged Ööd” (“Bright Nights”). Now the two Eurovision stars have revamped the song and dropped a new version for 2021. Getter and Koit ditch the early 2010’s dance production of the original and give the song some slightly fresher beats – though there’s still a nostalgic feel to it. The lyrics haven’t changed, with the Estonian stars singing about enjoying the bright nights that summer brings to northern areas of Europe. The new music video for “Valged Ööd X” shows Getter and Koit enjoying these bright nights.


Eurovision 2019 trio KEiiNO are ready to continue the fight against the supremacy with their new single “ADDJAS”. Although it’s encased in a catchy 80s-inspired electro-pop sound, the message of the lyrics is an important one about fighting for the rights of minorities: “Chain me to the wall / They cannot break us all / I’m not running away / Tell me, how do you fight a machine? / You follow the sound of your heart in a dream / Áddjá”. This message is naturally poignant for Pride month, where we celebrate those who have fought for LGBTQ+ rights. However, KEiiNO’s Fred Buljo also connects with the song due to his Sámi heritage, as he explains in a press release:

“‘Áddjá’ means grandfather in the traditional Sami language, but is also meant to symbolize your inner voice which advises you to be who you are, never give up, and fight for what you believe in.”

Kaliopi – “Makedonija”

Kalipoi is the latest Eurovision alum to appear on Serbian television show Studio. The programme sees artists from the Balkan region perform covers of other artists’ songs, as well as sing updated versions of tracks from their own back catalogue. Kalipoi decided to perform a cover of “Makedonija” (“Macedonia”), which was originally released by rock band Time in 1973. Wait until the end for one of Kaliopi’s iconic high notes.

The two-time Eurovision representative of North Macedonia also performed a revamped edition of her song “Nebo mi sja “. Kaliopi was joiend by children’s choir Hor Čarolija for the performance.

Kasia Moś – “Mimi”

Kasia Moś’ new single is “Mimi”. It’s an emotional ballad with orchestral accompaniment that the Eurovision 2017 star puts a lot of heart into. The music video was filmed in a forest. It features clips of the Polish singer in a flowing white dress, as well as two interpretive dancers.

Johnny Logan & Jannike – “Just One Look”

Mr Eurovision Johnny Logan has released the new single “Just One Look”. Ireland’s Eurovision 1980/1987 winner has collaborated with Jannike for the cheery track that mixes elements of old-school disco, pop and soul. The pair sing about how they fell head over heels for someone after seeing them for the very first time: “Just one look / Was all it took / And all of my defences went down […] Just one look / Never had a chance at all”.

Alsou – “Неба Синь”

“Something completely new, unusual … personally fascinates me from the first notes” – that’s how Alsou described her new single ahead of its release. Russia’s Eurovision 2000 silver medallist brings us an interesting mid-tempo ballad with a sense of mystery to it. Alsou sings about a romance that is fading away in her heart: “Sky, sky blue / As if the gasoline ran out halfway / I don’t love you / I don’t love you anymore”.

XTV (feat. Alexander Rybak) – “Зафиналили”

Alexander Rybak is once again foregoing the use of his voice in favour of showcasing his violin skills. Norway’s Eurovision 2009 champion features on “Зафиналили” (“Finished”), the new single from XTV. The latter sings in Russian while Rybak adds in the accompaniment. In addition to the Eurovision alum’s fiddle playing, the song adds in some heavy guitar and drum instrumentation for a folk-rock feel.

Anna Vissi & Babis Stokas – “Ki Omos Den Teleionei”

Three-time Eurovision participant Anna Vissi has released “Ki Omos Den Teleionei” (And yet it does not end”). The Greek-Cypriot singer has collaborated with Babis Stokas for the track. The pair deliver a soft-rock ballad with a slightly classic feel to it. It steadily builds throughout as Vissi and Stokas increase the passion in their vocals with the music. In the lyrics, the duo imagine all the different roads they could take in their life, but they always decide to take the one that brings them to their loved one: “Love / How, how, how there is / How, how it grows / How, how how it changes / And yet / And yet it does not end”.

Lena Katina – “Из темноты”

“Hey child, why ya hidin’ from the light?”. Lena Katina is taking Ana Soklič’s advice and moving “Из темноты” (“Out of the dark”). Her new single is a dark mid-tempo offering that slowly builds over its duration. Lyrically, the Russian singer and former member of t.A.T.u. sings about moving on from the dark moment of her life and reigniting the embers: “Out of the dark, out of the dark / We fly into the light – bridges are burning / Where I am / Where you are / This fire has not cooled yet”. The Eurovision 2003 alum spoke further about her interpretation of the song on Instagram:

“When I first heard a piece of the song with the guitar version recorder on the iPhone, I remember this feeling of trembling all over my body. There is some fatality in this song. We all know, dark times happens in life- use it to get stronger, you can get out of darkness, you’re stronger than you think.”

maNga – #Bizeheryerstat

At one minute and ten seconds long, maNga have kept their latest single short and sweet. It’s been composed for the UEFA European Football Championship, which is currently ongoing. “#Bizeheryerstat” is an anthemic rock track that also incorporates stadium cheering sound effects.

Frans – “My Favourite Waste of Time”

Swedish star Frans has dropped the new single “My Favourite Waste of Time”. A simple pop track, there’s a mixture of guitar accompaniment with some extra production added into the second half of the chorus (though it does get slightly repetitive). The Eurovision 2016 singer tells his lover that he wants to avoid productivity by spending time with them: “I don’t care / If being with you is meaningless and ridiculous / If it’s wrong or right / I’ve got to give you my love tonight / And tomorrow night / You’re my / Baby, you’re my favourite waste of time”. Whether it’s really a compliment to be described as a “favourite waste of time”, we’ll leave that up to you.

Vaidas Baumila – “Kunigunda”

“Lithuanian forests, shamanism, witches’ spells and strong magical cocktails” – this was the inspiration behind Vaidas Baumila’s latest song. Lithuania’s Eurovision 2015 singer brings us “Kunigunda”, a breezy percussion-driven pop song. Vaidas doesn’t feature in the music video himself; it instead shows a group of women who appear to be living in some form of cult. Vaidas notes that “this work is about a magical and miraculous Lithuanian summer; the mythological theme in this song inflates a charm-filled feeling that brings everyone on a fun journey”. Sadly, it doesn’t quite turn out to be a fun journey for one of the women in the video, who ends up being cast out onto a body of water.

Dmitry Koldun – “Всё сначала”

Although Dmitry Koldun’s new single might seem pleasant enough, there’s a dark undertone to it. The Belarussian singer has released the mid-tempo pop song “Всё сначала” (“All over again”). Lyrically, Dmitry sings about wanting to start a relationship over again: “I want you to know / I’m with you even to the ends of the earth / Let’s start all over again / I know you’re tired of waiting”. However, the music video shows that this is not an act of affection. Instead, the Eurovision 2007 star plays a man who has trapped a dancer in a toxic relationship that she feels unable to leave. Dmitry explains further in the description:

“Finding compelling excuses, the victim of toxic relationships poisons their lives over and over again, surrendering to unrealistic expectations. After all, forgiveness is just the energy for a new abuse. Sound familiar? The choice is yours – to start a new life or to repeat ‘Всё сначала’.”

Elina Nechayeva (feat. NOËP) – “What they say”

Elina Nechayeva sang in Italian whilst representing Estonia at Eurovision 2018. Now the star is taking on another European language by singing her latest single in French. In fact, it’s a bilingual track as Elina teams up with NOËP, who sings his parts in English. “What they say” is a gentle song with a repetitive chorus that utilises some voice effects. The lyrics tell the story of a blossoming romance between two people. Elina tells her lover “I want to see your eyes”, while NOËP declares he doesn’t care that his parents don’t currently approve of the match.

Riskykidd – “Ambitions”

Greece’s Eurovision 2014 star Riskykidd is building towards the release of his sophomore studio album. The latest single from the LP is “Ambitions”. It’s a rap song underlined with a steady hip-hop beat. Riskykidd asks his partner what their aim is, as they seem to be more focussed on climbing the ladder of success rather than spending time with him: “Tell me, what’s your ambition? / You say you’re always on a mission / What you seeing in the distance / Gotta get it, no more wishin'”.

Ann Sophie – “The Real You”

Ann Sophie has paired things back somewhat for her latest single. The majority of “The Real You” sees the German singer delivering a breathy vocal line over a guitar driven melody. Things do pick up for the final moments, where there’s extra production added in. In a post on Instagram, the Eurovision 2015 star discussed more about the message behind the indie-pop song:

“You can’t control what people think of you. You can’t control what they say. But what you can control is: the music that you write. The love that you feel. The life that you live. And can use your voice and share the experiences that shaped you. Hoping that through this sound you will be understood and heard the way you want to and the way that you deserve. Because it’s you. […] The Real You…my first love song…about meeting someone with whom finally everything feels right.”

Fedez, Achille Lauro, Orietta Berti – “MILLE”

Three stars of Sanremo 2021 have teamed up to deliver a slice of summery pop. The rapper Fedez, provocateur Achille Lauro and the legendary Orietta Berti have collaborated on “MILLE” (“Thousand”). The song is a romantic summertime tune, evoking 1960s pop. The song comes with a delightful music video, with the lads clad in Gucci and Versace, while Orietta is glam in sequins and pearls. The video soaks up retro style, including synchronised swimmers and twisting by the pool. Tune of the summer! (Robyn)

BROOKE – “Over”

New music is hitting the Maltese islands courtesy of three-time MESC participant Brooke and her new single “Over”. After a hiatus from the music scene, the starlet is back with a summery pop song that just needs to be played on every radio station. Talking about differences in a relationship that lead to its ultimate end, Brooke combines trendy pop sounds with a very relatable topic that offers instant earworm potential. While the song itself comes from the hands of Swedish songwriters and some magic from Brooke herself, the music video is produced by Maltese icon Steven Levi Vella. Steven is also responsible for music videos from stars like Ira Losco, Gaia Cauchi and many more. In the video, Brooke is serving glamour with her incredible fashion while casually laying on top of a car, just to mention one of the many incredible shots. If anybody knows how to make a comeback, it is for sure Brooke. We are definitely not OVER you, honey! (Patrick)

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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4 months ago

Still impressed by how Frans manages to create such radio-friendly songs with simple yet effective music. He proofs that even in this art, sometimes less is more.

4 months ago
Reply to  Sam

Big shout out to Owen Paul for the original version!

Oliver Thatchell
Oliver Thatchell
3 months ago
Reply to  Euroboitoy

You know that the Owen Paul ion was also a cover of a song by Marshall Crenshaw?

Stian F
Stian F
4 months ago

Lets just start appreciating how amazing Stella Mwangi is as a rapper!!! She keeps releasing amazing songs one after each other – and in my opinion she is way better than her US American equivalents, like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and those names… Also she doesn’t use sex to sell her entire image either – so respect to Mwangi for that. She deserves way more success and respect than what she gets, also from Eurovision fans… By far my favorite female rapper.

4 months ago

Kinda ironic to see maNga compose a whole song especially made for Euro and then see their country being in last place in their group with 0 points and just 1 goal overall… A shock tbh bc I at least expected them to qualify through the group phase but I guess we’ll see what will happen today with Switzerland, tho qualification is still far away from expectations

4 months ago
Reply to  Sot

yeah they had big hopes for EURO 2020.. I was expecting more from Turkey , they were 3rd in 2002 FIFA World Cup.
Maybe their failure in football made them think to participate Eurovision

Last edited 4 months ago by raylee
4 months ago

If Sarah McTiernan brought something like that to Tel Aviv, she probably would have qualified, and not be last in her semi. But oh well, glad she’s doing good in her career

4 months ago
Reply to  Darren

22 was a bop but Sarah wouldn’t deliver well that song on stage either imo

Stian F
Stian F
4 months ago
Reply to  Darren

I am sorry but even in studio recordings her voice is pretty weak…

4 months ago

Great to hear that Marco Mengoni has finally released new music. Also, I really like the new song by Kasia. Thanks a lot for putting these release list together every week!

4 months ago

Alma also has a new song that got released this week. It’s so so good, listen to it, it’s “Don’t let me go back”

4 months ago

Another banger from KEiiNO, they continue to knock it out of the park!

4 months ago
Reply to  Kermy

All of them are!