June is the month of LGBT Pride and another anthem has just dropped. Jimmie Wilson – the American singer-songwriter that represented San Marino with Valentina Monetta at Eurovision 2017 – has written, arranged and produced a new track titled “Pride Strong” for the world-famous American singing duo The Weather Girls.

Do you remember the all-time classic “It’s Raining Men’?  It was sung and originally performed by The Weather Girls. Yes, that’s right. The Weather Girls are a Grammy nominated American female duo with a strong catalogue of 10 albums. Their best-known line-up comprised Martha Wash and Izora Armstead. The current line up, which has been in place since 2012, includes Dynelle Rhodes and Dorrey Lin Lyles.

“Pride Strong” is a euro-dance affirmation song crafted for the LGBT community. Its soaring vocals and thumping beat cut to the heart of gay affirmation. With lyrics like “I”ve got power that you can never possess / It’s the power of love love love”, “Pride Strong” is the love protest song that will resonate with gay clubbers. This song is not accidental. It was created to galvanise a new generation of LGBT club kids and their allies.

The Weather Girls – “Pride Strong” (prod. Jimmie Wilson)

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Jimmie Wilson explains:

“About a year ago when I had the idea to write a song for them, I of course needed to consider the musical and lyric direction for the song. So I went back and listened to almost ALL the previous single releases from the 80’s until today. Then it dawned on me. Since ‘It’s Raining Men’ (1982) there has never been another WG song, at least lyrically, that directly addressed the gay community.

So I thought, that’s the lyrical direction!  So I wrote the lyrics first. Musically I wanted to stay close to the ‘It’s Raining Men’ vibe of disco, dance and party.

I didn’t want anything too modern and pop. I wanted a familiar, feel good, with a touch of retro sound. I think it turned out quite nice and I’m extremely excited to release it on my SDB label. The Weather Girls are happy with the results and will perform it for the first time at Stockholm Pride on August 7th. There is also an awesome club remix from star DJ Ben Bakson. He will play it for the first time at Madrid Pride and on his many tour dates at major gay events worldwide. Ben is perfect for this track! And it was so cool to work with him! 

The Weather Girls and I were performing on the same event more than 10 years ago. That’s when I first met Izora Armstead and her daughter Dynelle. We just had a connection like family and we’ve been connected ever since. It was difficult after her mom passed away in 2004, but Dynelle knows her responsibility in keeping The Weather Girls’ legacy alive. This was her mom’s life’s work. But, like Freddie sang in his song, ‘The show must go on!’ Dynelle and Dorrey (Lynn Lyles) are PERFECT together! I know Izora is proud!  Just as I am! What an honor to work with them and call them friends. Officially PRIDE STRONG will be released June 30th! The last day of Pride Month. I call it saving  the best for last!”

This isn’t The Weather Girls’ first connection to Eurovision. In 2002, the duo (then made-up of Izora Armstead and her daughter Dynelle Rhodes) competed in Germany’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Additionally, in 2018, Serhat collaborated with Martha Wash on the re-released version of his Eurovision entry “I Didn’t Know”, which ended up on the US Billboard dance charts.

Meanwhile, Jimmie Wilson has been unleashing a torrent of positive songs lately. His most recent hit, “Respect”, unpacks the importance of erasing colour lines and showing total respect.

Lyrics: “Pride Strong” – The Weather Girls

Wake up people
Yes I’m talking to you
You wanna keep us down
But we will not be move
I refuse
To you let you, let you steal my joy
Won’t live my life in silence
So just like a lion
You’re gonna hear me roar

We are Pride Strong
We gotta keep moving on
Pride Pride Strong
To this world we do belong
We are Pride Strong Pride Strong
Like Freddie sang it in his song
We are Pride
Pride Strong
The show must go on

I’ve got a power
That you can never possess
It’s the power of love love love
Tried and true put to the test
I won’t rest
I won’t close my eyes
We gotta make it through the night
Cause joy comes in the morning
And we’ll be standing
Side by side in the light

It’s the sunshine after the rain
That makes the beautiful rainbows
For what is a world without love without beautiful colors?
You can shake me
But you can’t break me
You can shake me
But you can’t break me
You can shake me
But you can’t break me
You can shake me
But you can’t break me


Do you like Pride Strong? What are your favourite Gay Pride anthems? Let us know in the comments section below.

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6 months ago

‘Pride strong’ as a title sounds like ‘Imps together strong’ or something from The Planet Of The Imps in my head